Saturday, December 21, 2013

Refrigerator Gone Black

Lovely huh?  LOL

See how the paint on the handles would wear off?
Pulled it out so you could see sides ... this did not show.
Back 10 years ago (OMG I cannot believe its been that long ago) when we were getting ready to build the house we are in now, I had all white appliances.  Well we knew we were leaving most of the appliances in that home when we sold it BUT because our main refrigerator (we have almost always had 2 ... one in the kitchen and one in the garage ... I don't know how anyone lives with only ONE fridge) ... anyway, we planned to take it with us since it was only 4 years old my hubby wouldn't let me have a new one.  Nevermind the fact that we had chosen all stainless steel/black appliances for the new house ... oh no ... we would take the almost new side by side to the new house.  I was NOT happy about that!!! 

There was no way I was putting a stark white side by side fridge in my new kitchen ... in my new house .... along side all the stainless steel and black soooooo ... I decided to paint it.  "Yep they make appliance paint now" I thought so dangit I was gonna have me a black refrigerator.  At the time the only appliance paint available in home improvement stores was the spray paint kind ... NOW (of course) there is all kinds including paint on with a brush kind!!!!

"Hmmmm" I thought "how am I gonna paint it when it is full of refrigerator and freezer stuff?" Well I couldn't see moving it out of the kitchen and into the garage just to paint it ... way too much trouble.  So what did I do?

While Scott's away on a business trip I run to the home improvement store (Home Depot, of course) and buy black appliance spray paint, blue painters tape and heavy duty plastic sheeting.  Doggone it ... I would paint it right there in my kitchen!!!

I carefully tape up the plastic sheeting all around the fridge leaving an opening to get in and out, of course, well duh!!!  I even taped it up to the ceiling cause duh I knew the spray paint would float up there ... didn't want a black ceiling ya'll. And then I carefully placed painters tape all over the parts of the fridge that couldn't be painted (the tiny stainless steel name plate "Amana" and the ice/water dispenser buttons on the door) ... I was careful ... I had it all planned out perfectly!!!   Ya'll can see where this is going right?

I get on my old painting clothes and remain barefoot ... I like painting barefoot ... don't ask me why LOL and climb up underneath the plastic sheeting and begin painting my stark white side by side fridge ... "oh this is gonna be so pretty" ... I was so proud of myself taking on this project!!!

Well guess what I forgot?  The aspirator thingy ... I forgot I had to breathe while spray painting underneath all that plastic sheeting ... I did, however, poke my head out once in a while to breathe.  BUT heck I didn't even have on a face mask .... STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!  So halfway through, I take a quick bathroom break, check myself out in the mirror and OMG my face is black, my hair is black and I have black paint all up my nose (thank goodness for nose hair or else my brain would have been painted black as well) ... even my feet were black and blackest yet on the bottom (remember, I'm barefoot)!!!

Well ya'll that was the least of my worries!  As I finish up with all the paint, realizing I need more, I decide to stop for the day, clean up and make a run to Home Depot.  I come out from underneath all that plastic sheeting and find .... OMG the freaking linoleum floor, which used to be white, is now BLACK ... my white countertops ... BLACK  ... thankfully its just the horizontal surfaces ... but hell ... they are supposed to be WHITE. 

Lord ya'll I'm thinking "OMG what am I gonna do ... Scott is gonna kill me".  You see we were getting the house ready to go on the market and we really didn't want to put more money into it ... we'd already finished the basement and found out finishing a basement does not add value to your home ... just incentive for a prospective buyer to buy ... so no more money needed to go into this home!!!

About this time, Alayna gets home from school and finds me in complete meltdown mode ... tears tears tears!!!!  She's like "oh Mom we can clean this up ... I'll help" so we proceed to try wiping up the floor and counter tops ... nothing is working ...nothing ya'll!!!  The whole time I'm crying saying to Alayna "Dad is gonna kill me we gotta get this up before he gets home".  Finally I try Soft Scrub with Bleach ... and oh yes it works ... along with a Scotch Brite sponge (the rough side) and I'm down on my hands and knees scrubbing and scrubbing with Alayna at my side scrubbing and scrubbing ... YES ... we manage to get it all cleaned up ... floors and counter tops are all white again ... can't even tell I'd had a disaster!!!!  Thank goodness!!!!

Okay so back to my project ... even though I didn't have enough paint to finish painting the sides ... I did have the doors and top completely covered so I take down the plastic sheeting to get a good look at my work.  You know the rubber thingys on the doors that make the refrigerator stay completely air tight while closed ... you know, those accordion looking thingys?  Well those I couldn't paint those so they had been covered with painter's tape so I pull it off along with the painter's tape from the ice/water dispenser ... it looks ridiculous a stark white side by side that's been painted black by an ametuer!!!!  Hideous!!!  What have I done????  Oh and the handles ... well they're plastic and they didn't take the paint well ... by the next day, when I thought it was safe to touch the damn thing again ... just touching the handles caused paint to come off onto your hands!  Oh yes!  I have a HUGE mess on my hands ... literally!!!!

I'm thinking "maybe hubby will get us a new fridge since I ruined this one" ... yeah right!  When he got home and found what I had done he was like ... "you still ain't getting a new one this is only 4 years old"!!!!! 

So long story short (I know it was a long read) I've had to live with this refrigerator and Scott and the kids all telling the story of my painting project gone wrong for a long time now ... its been the ONLY project of mine that EVERYONE seems to want to talk about ... the one that went way wrong!!!!

Yes we are still using that ugly assed refrigerator in our beautiful stainless steel appliance, granite counter top, mahogany finished custom cabinets and hardwood floors chef's kitchen!!!!  Yea we still have partially white handles on it BUT on the bright side ... we have discovered that black Sharpies do a great job of covering up the black chipped off paint spots LOL ... much better than the black refrigerator touch up paint ... heck I even noticed on a recent trip to Home Depot that Sharpie actually makes a fat touch up marker for just such projects LOL ... seriously!!!!

Ya'll I've been hoping for years and years ... that the dangum thing would just DIE!!!  No such luck ...

BUT ... 10 years later ... ya'll guess what I got for Christmas ... and I am tickled to death ... yep, over a fridge!!!!  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Homemade Caramel Sauce

Start with a heavy pan
Organic Sugar in the pan
As Sugar breaksdown it will look crumbly ... this is normal to the process of caramelizing
See how it is starting to liquify but yet still has clumps ... keep cooking, be patient
Sugar has completely liquified and caramelized
Adding Butter will make it bubble up bigtime ... make sure not to burn it ... adjust heat if necessary
Adding the Milk will make it bubble up even more ... turn down heat to low
Remove from pan and transfer to a heat resistent container
After cooling for a couple minutes, whisk it really good to get a smooothe consistency
There ya go ... Homemade Caramel Sauce ... NO HFCS or other gunk in it ... all natural
Caramel Sauce

1/2 cup Organic Sugar
3 Tblsps Organic Butter
1/2 cup Evaporated Milk (or Organic Heavy Cream)

NOTE: The Evaporated Milk was what I had on hand left over from a recipe.  If you want to make it totally Organic (and richer in flavor) then use 1/2 cup Organic Heavy Cream in place of the Evaporated Milk.

Place sugar in a heavy pan (I use cast iron cause it heats up most uniformly).  Cook on medium low heat until sugar has completed dissolved and become a liquid and caramelized.  It takes a while but be patient.

Add Butter but turn heat down a bit ... it will bubble up like crazy.  Stir until Butter is melted.

Next turn heat completely down as low as possible and add Milk ... cook for a couple more minutes stirring constantly.

Remove from pan into a cooler container (make sure it is a heat proof container) ... I used a Pyrex measuring cup.  Let stand for a minute or two to cool then whip it with a whisk for about 20-30 seconds. 

Sauce will thicken as it cools.  You can refrigerate any unused portions and just zap it in the microwave for a few seconds, stir and enjoy again!

Here's how I used mine but its also great for dipping apples, pears or other fruit in
or pouring over your favorite ice cream or dessert

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Empty Nesters ~ A Reality

Photo of beautiful ‘Empty Nest’ painting courtesy of

Growing up and then raising my own three children I always wanted it to be like it is in the show “Parenthood” … kids are grown but all living nearby raising their own families, entire family gathering once a week and always on holidays, siblings supporting each other during good times and difficult times, the entire family showing up during a crisis or celebrations … just always there for each other.  Heck that’s even why we bought this big ole house when our kids were just about grown … plenty of room to have them all here visiting at the same time … course we were assuming they would ALL be able to visit at the same time and maybe even a few times a year AT THE SAME TIME.  It’s been almost 4 years since we’ve had them all here AT THE SAME TIME.  Heck, we have even tried planning a ONCE a year family vacation, all paid for by us, and that hasn’t worked out either.  The term ‘Empty Nesters’ is just that, for us, our nest is empty and its never ever gonna be full again … not even briefly.

My hubby and I have recently come to accept that our three kids and their families will never all live close to us … we will never be like “Parenthood” and even have found the bright side to that … hey it doesn’t matter WHERE we live as HOME to our kids is wherever we happen to live so we can pretty much live wherever we want, right?  What a wonderful bright side, huh?  NOT!  When HOME is never ever full of the entire family … well it just ain’t really a HOME.

Now that the holidays are soon upon us and once again we will be alone for Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas too … I’m very very sad.  The last couple years I had a hard time with “should I or shouldn’t I drag out all the Thanksgiving décor and then the Christmas décor and decorate” but I did.  This year … I just ain’t doing it.  Hubby and I will still give thanks on Thanksgiving whether or not there are Pilgrims and Indians and fall décor on our table … there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.  AND we will still celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ whether or not there are wreaths on our windows and doors, a tree decorated in the hall and family room or my Santa collection displayed or even the Manger Scene set up to remind us of what Christmas is all about … we will remember and Christmas will still come and we will still celebrate … décor or not!!!

This is our reality now … WE ARE EMPTY NESTERS!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Italian Drunken Noodles

I found this recipe on Pinterest and the original came from the blog The Cozy Apron  Her pics are much better than mine ... beautiful pics... but Course my hubby has a hard time waiting for me to take pics so they are usually taken in a rush.  I changed it up a tad just because hubby loves Hot Italian Sausage and its a little bit too hot for me so I did half Hot Italian Sausage and half Organic Ground Beef ... here's my version... it was amazing.  If my hubby will eat it two days in a row (leftovers on second day, of course) then its got to be awesome believeyoume!!!  Love love love this recipe!

Drunken Italian Noodles
(Serves 6)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Hot Italian Sausage Links (1/2 lb), casings removed
1/2 lb Organic Ground Beef
1 lrg Onion, sliced thinly
1-½ tsp Sea Salt
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
½ tsp Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper, cored and thinly sliced
1 Yellow Bell Pepper, cored and thinly sliced
1 Orange Bell Pepper, cored and thinly sliced
4 Garlic Cloves, minced
½ cup Chardonnay Wine (real stuff, not cooking wine)
2 cans Organic Diced Tomatoes with Juice
2 Tblsps Parsley
¼ cup Fresh Basil Leaves, julienned, divided
8 ounces Pappardelle Noodles, uncooked (next time I will only add 4 ounces of the Noodles ... 8 was too much for our taste)

Place a large, heavy-bottom pot over medium-high heat.  Add about 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Once the oil is hot, crumble the Spicy Italian Sausage and Organic Ground Beef into the pot in small chunks (you want to keep the sausage fairly chunky).  Once the crumbled meats are browned, remove from the pot with a slotted spoon and place into a small bowl and set aside.

Next, add the sliced Onion to the pan with the drippings and sprinkle with the Sea Salt (which helps in caramelizing veggies), and allow them to caramelize ~ roughly 5 minutes or so, stirring to keep it from burning (add a touch more EVOO, if necessary).  Once Onion is caramelized, add Italian Seasoning and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper and stir to combine.  

Next, add in the Sliced Bell Peppers, and allow those to sauté with the Onion for about 2 minutes until slightly tender and golden; next, add the Minced Garlic, and once it becomes aromatic, add the Wine and allow it to reduce for a few moments; next, add in the Diced Tomatoes with their juice, and return the browned meats back to the pot, and gently fold the mixture to combine; allow it to gently simmer for about 3-4 minutes to blend the flavors, then turn the heat down to low as possible.

To finish the sauce, drizzle in about 2-3 good tablespoons of the EVOO, and add in the Chopped Parsley and about half of the julienned Basil; stir, and keep warm while you prepare the noodles.

Prepare the Pappardelle noodles according to instructions on package; then, drain the noodles very well, and add them directly into the sauce, using tongs to gently toss and combine the Pappardelle noodles with the sauce and all of the ingredients in it; check the seasoning to see if you need to add any additional salt or pepper.

Garnish with a sprinkle of the remaining julienned Basil and top with shaved Parmesan, if desired.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Blow Fly Inn ~ Gulfport, MS

Let me start this out on a positive note … Lucy and I were sooo very excited about trying this restaurant in light of the great reviews and heck “it was on Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives … gotta be awesome, right?”

This is the kind of restaurant review I don’t really like to do but hey somebody’s gotta say it … disappointed in Blow Fly … BIGTIME!  Here’s my take on the place …

First off I’ve gotta say this place is recommended by a lot of reliable sources … WHY I DO NOT KNOW … maybe when these places/people ate here it was a different owner or cooks or something … or maybe it was reviewed years and years ago … I don’t know but even Yelp gives it 4 out of 5 stars … ME?  Well I wouldn't even give it 1 star!  Well … maybe 1 star cause it was edible just no flavor and dishwatery tasting.  Their menu boasts “Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Emeril Live” along with stating that “USA Today named us one of America’s 51 Great Burger Joints” and “Southern Living named us one of their ‘Favorite Seafood Dives’” and Guy Fieri’s profile pic is on ‘bout every page of their menu!!!  I’ve eaten at a few bad restaurants in my life but I think this one takes the cake … it will be very hard for me to trust any ‘well-known’ reviews after eating at this place!!!!

Lucy and I both got a bad feeling about this place from the get go … we should have followed our guts and left right then but we didn't and of course, regretted that decision later.

The parking lot was pretty filled up (we thought that to be a good sign) and there were large groups of people waiting to be seated as we walked in to request a table for 2.  The place wasn't very clean … definitely not a place where the 5 second rule would apply!!!!  Well it wasn't filthy either … just very ‘divey’ which there ain’t a thing wrong with BUT there is divey and clean and divey and dirty …  All joking aside … the menus, the chair seats and the table were grimy and sticky as heck … another bad sign.  We stayed anyway …

See?  Its built up on steel piers because its on a bay.

Typical 'dive' table setting ... but nothing wrong with that.

Looking through the menu there were numerous recommendations by Guy Fieri with his profile pic right next to the dish … seriously!  I thought … hmmm "I’ll stay safe and order only dishes that he recommended" so I ordered a cup of Creole Gumbo and Lucy ordered a cup of the She Crab Soup.

My Creole Gumbo was, like I said, recommended by Guy Fieri.  It really didn't have a lot of flavor … no spiciness and a little watered down … in other words, more water than tomatoes … no okra in it at all and when I got to the bottom (I was hungry so I did eat most of it) there were two strange looking things that caught me off guard … I had to actually put on my readers to even recognize what they were … BOILED SHRIVELED UP OYSTERS!!!  There was probably two MAYBE three teeny tiny shrimp in it … the kind of shrimp you get in a can!!!  At this point I’m thinking “WTH Guy Fieri? … but maybe its just an off day … a new cook or something".  It wasn't AWFUL or INEDIBLE but it sure was not something I’d attach my name to … EVER!!!

Creole Gumbo ... so they say!
Lucy’s She Crab Soup … first off it looked milky … I mean like a cup of warm milk!  It wasn't at all pink or orangey tinted as I’ve always had anywhere else I’ve eaten it.  Again … tasteless and again very disappointed and mostly MILK … seriously … I didn’t even get a piece of crab in my one taste!!!

She Crab Soup ... so they say!

At this point we are both thinking maybe we shouldn’t have ordered entrees until we had our appetizers but we had so we felt we couldn’t just cancel the orders … wish we had though!!!

I had ordered another Guy Fieri recommendation … Red Beans and Rice and Lucy ordered the Crawfish Etouffee which she loves but this one she didn’t … in fact she took a couple bites and was so over it … tasteless … we’re like “do they not own any spices in this place?”  My Red Beans and Rice, and believe me I love Red Beans and Rice, tasted as if they opened up a can of Red Beans, warmed them up and threw two sausage links (cooked separately) into them and then scooped up some watery rice and dumped it on top.  This is the WORST part … both of us thought our entrees tasted as if they were cooked in dirty unwashed pans or served in dirty unwashed or improperly washed bowls!!!  You know … like dirty dish water … NOT that I’ve ever tasted dirty dish water LOL.  We didn’t eat more than a couple bites and though the waitress insisted on ‘boxing’ them up to go … we left the to-go boxes sitting on the table when we left.  It was that bad!

Red Beans and Rice???

Spiceless 'Crawfish Etouffee'

I don’t know what the requirements are in advertising and boasting that you were featured on so and so or recommended by so and so … if its something a restaurant can brag about indefinitely or what but this place was awful.  I would hope that those who have made great recommendations would at some point return for a second or third or even yearly to make sure this place is still top notch cause top notch it WAS NOT!!!

Our meals, 2 cups of soup, 2 entrees and 2 waters totaled $32.06 … money that I feel I just threw away CAUSE we left HUNGRY!!!

To top it all off … on our way down the metal outdoor stairs (the building is built up high since it is on the bay) someone (or a couple someones) had thrown up all over the staircase.  Eeeeew!!!  We had to sidestep to get past it!
Our view ... which was actually nice!

Sorry ya’ll (for being so blunt) but I do not recommend this place at all!!!  In fact … the name Blow Fly is soooooo very appropriate!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant ~ Ocean Springs, MS

I first ate at this restaurant the last time I visited my daughter and I have actually dreamed about their Hummus, Grape Leaves and other dishes (last time my entrée was their Napoleon Chicken, a traditional Greek dish … to die for good!!!) … OMG … this is a MUST TRY restaurant when in the Biloxi, Mississippi area AND if you’ve never crossed the bridge from Biloxi over to Ocean Springs … you do not know what you are missing … what a beautiful, little quaint town … downtown is actually a great HOT SPOT for both restaurants and night clubs and during the day, great boutiques and unique shoppes … love love love this little town!!!  So back to the Phoenicia … their menu is both Greek and Lebanese cuisine … traditional and Greek/Lebanese infused dishes.  It’s sorta upscale so you might feel a little uncomfortable wearing flip flops and shorts but they will still serve you anyway.  The décor is typically Greek … columns, white walls, mirrors, gold gilt … you know the look but think upscale.  Prices are a little upscale too so expect to spend about $20-30 a person for entrees (more if you order an appetizer) BUT ya’ll this place is sooooo worth every penny!!!

Lucy and I took her boyfriend who had never eaten Greek food before … NOT even Hummus …  He LOVED it … every single bite!

We started with Hummus and Fresh Pita Bread which are complementary … you can even ask for more and they will bring it to you … the Hummus is the very BEST I have EVER had in my life … I am not kiddin’ you!  I could lick the bowl … its that dang good!!!  AND the WARM Fresh Pita Bread … Lord have mercy … melts in your mouth (course I’m a sucker for fresh bread of any kind).  I’ve tried to replicate the Hummus at home but I can’t EVEN get close … Lucy and I joked and said they must stir it with their Greek fingers to get it just right … kiddin’ of course LOL

Hummus with Warm Fresh Pita Bread ... the BEST Hummus EVER!!!
I ordered Stuffed Grape Leaves (with meat) for an appetizer to share … it comes with 6 Grape Leaves and is served with a yogurt sauce … I could literally make this my meal … love them!!!  We all loved them so much so we gobbled them down without me snapping a single pic!!!  Sorry!

Lucy and I each had one of their MANY ‘specials’ which aren’t on their regular menu (but both Greek inspired) so I cannot tell you what they were called cause I didn’t make note of it but I can sorta describe them both … here’s pics.

Lucy's dish ~ Lemon Fish topped with a Crab Meat Sauce served with
gently sauteed Fresh Veggies and Rice Pilaf
(the fish was PERFECTLY cooked and their Rice Pilaf is so good I could eat it alone)

My dish ~ Blackend Shrimp (very spicy) and Fresh Crab Cakes
on a bed of Aioli Grits with Asparagus and sprinkled with Fresh Chopped Tomatoes
Boyfriend had the Combination Sharwarma (Beef, Chicken and Shrimp) … a very good traditional Lebanese dish with a Tahini Sauce … excellent dish!

You will NOT be disappointed when you try this restaurant … its definitely gourmet and like I said … worth every penny!!!  My mouth is literally watering just blogging about it … literally!!!

Oh and they DO take reservations which you might want to make cause the first time we went we didn’t know that and had to wait about 45 minutes to get seated … there was a line out the door and a large party (without reservations) ahead of us.  And unfortunately they do not serve wine, beer or liquor so its BYOB and there is a charge for that.

If you’d like to check out their menus and even more food pics here is their website link Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crepes ~ Ocean Springs, MS

While visiting my daughter over Labor Day Weekend … this was the first place she took me to for dinner.  She described it as a ‘girly restaurant” because her boyfriend calls it that … why?  Cause one, its walls are painted HOT PINK with black trim and two, crepes just aren't a meaty man’s meal … you know what I mean … the meat and potato kinda man LOL
Most people, me included, think dessert when you think of crepes … well this place has both … Savory and Sweet Crepes and my daughter and I had both … and they were soooo delicious.  If you are ever in the area and hungry for something sorta light and “girly” this is a great restaurant to try.

The décor was pretty cool … an Art Deco sorta vibe … Hot Pink Walls with Glossy Black Trim, Black and White Movie Photos projected on the side walls, the Tables topped with White Linen with a vase of Hot Pink and Black ‘daisies’, an old Black and White film playing (with subtitles) on the back wall, beautiful Art Deco light fixtures, and an open ceiling … industrial look, you know all the pipes and vents showing … all painted Black.  AND then, of course, the menus were covered in brushed chrome metal.

Menu ... pretty cool!

She had the 'Orleans' savory crepe which is Pork Tenderloin, Gruyere Cheese, Spinach, Caramelized Onions Topped with Apricot Chutney.  I tasted, of course, and it was delicious … the pork was so so tender and the Apricot Chutney amazing and not too sweet.  I’d definitely recommend it.

'Orleans' Savory Crepe

For my savory crepe, I had the 'Lucien' which is Spinach, Sautéed Mushrooms (and yes I actually ate them and I HATE mushrooms … it’s the texture more than anything, these were sliced very very thin … my daughter was absolutely SHOCKED that I actually ate them and didn’t pick them out), Feta Cheese, Topped with Tzatziki Sauce and Pine Nuts.  I loved it and was in the mood for vegetarian so this hit the spot!!!  A great crepe to have if you are a vegetarian or just aren’t in the mood for meat.
'Lucien' Savory Crepe

Her sweet crepe, which was dessert, obviously, was the 'Charlemagne' which is a Vanilla Mascarpone Cheese filled Crepe Topped with an Espresso Infused Nutella Drizzle, Finished with Macadamian Coconut Crunch and she had a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top … oh my goodness … I’m not a Nutella fan but this was amazingly good!!!

My sweet crepe was the 'Augustine' which is Caramelized Bananas Topped with Chocolate Espresso Sauce and Toasted Coconut … and I had it topped with Fresh Whipped Cream … heck, might as well go the whole shebang LOL

Sorry ya'll ... I don't know how I missed taking a pic of our Sweet Crepes but trust me ... they were delicious ... we both ate every last bite!!!

Dinner time Savory Crepes range in price from $11-16.00 and the Sweet Crepes range in price from $6-8.00 and Fresh Whipped Cream and Ice Cream is extra.

An enjoyable meal … I’d recommend it for sure but only if you want a ‘light’ sorta meal and not something more hearty … like meat and potatoes LOL

I couldn't find a website for this restaurant but it is on Facebook, Yelp and Urbanspoon.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Real Italian Pesto

What better than a simple Italian traditional Pesto?

"Ligurian Pesto is the second most popular sauce for pasta after the tomato based one and, certainly, the most popular one when it comes to cold sauces.  The name Pesto derives from the Italian verb to crush, "pestare", because for a real Ligurian Pesto, the ingredients have to be crushed using a wooden pestle and marble mortar.  The classic ingredients for Pesto alla Genovese are basil grown in Liguria (Ocimum Basilicum) hence the name, coarse sea salt, pine nuts, garlic, Ligurian extra virgin olive oil and grated Pecorino Romano cheese of the best quality."

Traditionally, Pesto was made using a Mortar and Pestle (some still make it this way) ~ thank goodness for the invention of Cuisinarts or better known as food processors or even blenders (yes, you can make it in a blender as well because Pine Nuts are very soft nuts).

Photo courtesy of

I have made fresh "Real" Italian Pesto many times over the last 15 years ...that's when I first started growing my own fresh Genovese (or Sweet) Basil ... never following a recipe as Pesto is one of those things that isn't an exact science ... well at least fresh pesto isn't ... a recipe calling for 2-3 small cloves of garlic, for instance, heck cloves really vary in size from bulb to bulb, so its basically about taste.  I've used the pre-minced Garlic that you can buy versus the freshly minced and in my opinion, freshly minced Garlic is BEST!

However, I've never frozen it so I checked out a few websites and found, on the secret to keeping it bright green after freezing ~ blanching the Basil prior to preparing!!!  Here's my version ... its delicious!

Let's get started ...

Real Italian Pesto

2 lrg bunches of Organic Genovese (or Sweet) Basil (about 2 cups tightly packed) Leaves ONLY

2 heaping Tblsps Pine Nuts, lightly toasted*

2-3 Garlic Cloves, minced just before adding

4-6 Tblsps  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch (or two) Sea Salt

About 3 Tblsps Pecorino Romano/Parmigiano Cheese

* To toast Pine Nuts, place a drizzle of EVOO in a skillet and heat on medium heat.  Toss in Pine Nuts and toss around ... they toast up quickly so do not take your eyes off them.  You want them to be just lightly browned (tanned).

The amounts of Sea Salt, Pine Nuts, Garlic and Cheese are approximate ... Best way to get it just like you like it is to start out adding half of recommended amounts and taste test ... add more ... taste test add more ... you may find you use more or less then recommended.  Sometimes too, I have found, that the Basil can be the taste factor in adding the other ingredients ... as some years it just tastes better than others ... which is true for growing anything (herbs, fruits or veggies).

Boil a pot of salted water.  Prepare a large ice bath while water is heating (ice and cold water).  Once water is boiling, add the Basil for 8-10 seconds ONLY.  Remove and immediately plunge into the ice bath, swirling leaves around for a couple seconds.  This stops cooking process.  I use tongs for this.  Remove and drain of excess water.  I use a Salad Spinner (love my spinner).  If you do not have a Salad Spinner you can use either a Fine Mesh Strainer or lay on paper towels.  

In a Cuisinart (or blender), lightly process some of the Pine Nuts, Garlic and a tablespoon (or two) of the EVOO.  Add all the damp, blanched Basil and blend again on high-speed, slowly adding more Pine Nuts, Garlic, EVOO and Sea Salt, to taste.  

Makes 2 (4 oz) jars.  Leave about 1/4 inch between jar seal and Pesto as once it is frozen it will expand (like most things) and you DO NOT want broken jars.  Also, make sure you top off the Pesto with a thin layer of EVOO before sealing and freezing ~ keeps Pesto from browning on top.

Yum ~ doesn't that look delicious?