Monday, June 27, 2011

My Beautiful Smokey


My poor old kitty, Smokey, who is 17 yrs old has taken a turn for the worst. We've known for some time now that she is going blind, can no longer climb the stairs and is going downhill. We noticed several weeks ago she would get very insistent about sitting in my lap even if my laptop, a book or whatever was there ....she HAD to be in my lap. I sorta got annoyed sometimes by it =(

She’s sleeping waaaay more than usual and having to rest between a visit to the litter box and back to her 'spot' on the sofa. On Wednesday, she wet the floor before making it to litter box, would make a trip from the sofa to her water bowl and have to stop several times to rest before making it to her 'spot'.
Last night I decided to put a blankie under her while she slept on the sofa. Good thing because she soaked it. I gave her a fresh blankie this morn and washed the soiled one ...she messed it up as well along with our sofa and is passing blood. She's not eating or drinking now.

She's not walked at all since this morn and not far then ...I ended up putting her back on sofa myself where she's been all day and hasn't moved.

My heart is breaking even tho I've known for some time she's going down.

I don't have the heart to put-her-down ...but I don't think she will make it the weekend. Right now I'm not sure she will make it thru this day! (I'm crying as I write this emotion I'm not sure can be relayed by words)

Smokey was originally supposed to be Alex's cat but right from the start ....she chose me!!! My heart is breaking and I pray if she must go she just doesn't wake up ...I cannot stand seeing her so pitiful.

Smokey hasn't eaten in 4 days now ...has not had any water in 3 though I've tried to get her to lick some from my fingers but she won't. She's so weak now we have to pick her up to change her positions. She will 'talk' to us when we call her name but even her meow has changed. Bella's being so good with her's like she knows. Our other cat (who is constantly in hiding) hasn't come around. Lord this is hard! Please just let her go to sleep and not wake up.


I sat and held and petted Smokey for an hour or so this afternoon. She was like holding a rag doll. Since all our company left we made a pallet on the floor and let her lay there ... and lay there she did ... we picked her up and repositioned her from time to time to keep her comfortable.

Before bedtime Scott and I decided that if she hadn’t gone by morning we would call the vet ... not something I wanted to do but since we leave on Tuesday for several days, we could not leave her like that with Alayna to have to handle on her own. Last time I checked on her she was breathing more slowly.


We woke up this morning to find our Smokey cat a/k/a Queen of Sheeba gone. Rigor had already set in and she was not curled into her normal position which broke my heart. I wrapped her favorite blankie over and under her and Scott and I buried her under a maple tree. Scott said a prayer since I was unable to.

I said to Scott ... I bet she jumped up in Mama’s lap like she always did when Mama was here visiting ...its funny really, if you knew my Mama, she wasn’t a fan of cats but Smokey sure loved her and I’m sure Mama loved her too ... because she always let her stay in her lap!!!

Goodbye our beloved Smokey!