Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunburn Remedy!

We’ve all done it … somehow by either not putting on enough sunscreen, a strong enough sunscreen, missing a spot or two with the sunscreen or just plan being stupid and not using any at all.  SUNBURN!

Well during my lifetime I’ve been burned many times … especially as a child and then as a teen when back then we used Baby Oil and Iodine!!!  AND often laying on the roof of our house or one someone’s black trampoline … to attract the sun’s rays.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING?  Cooking ourselves … literally!

If you’re like me and you’ve been BURNED … you too have tried many of the products out there for sunburn relief: Solarcaine, Aloe and as a child I even took baths in Vinegar or Baking Soda … eeeeew!  Relief, yes … temporary, yes … peeling, itchy skin a few days later, yes! 

Well a few summers ago while on a trip with some friends to Myrtle Beach, I apparently missed covering a couple large spots on my shins with sunscreen … well I missed my shins entirely, if you want to be truthful.  BURNED so badly I could hardly walk without pain.  I had the old standby of Aloe … the one with Lidocaine and kept applying it every few minutes with no relief.  It was so bad I was even taking an OTC pain reliever for pain … to no avail.

Well my friend, Kevin, says … “Alcohol” … I’m like “yea a drink would probably make me forget about the pain” LOL … he’s like “no, I mean Rubbing Alcohol”.  I told him he was crazy … absolutely nuts!  Rubbing alcohol?  Now that would burn it all over again … wouldn’t it?  Well a short while later I was willing to try anything … ANYTHING … so on went the Rubbing Alcohol … applied with a tissue … and very gently, I might add.  IT WORKED!  Relief was unbelievable and instant.  Now I had to re-apply it often for the first few hours and then after that … complete relief.  I’m talking COMPLETE RELIEF! Nothing but a cooling sensation!  No burning, no itchy skin later and best of all NO peeling skin!

Now, unfortunately I’ve had the opportunity to use Rubbing Alcohol several times since then … BURNED … and have even recommended it to family and friends who are also convinced that it works.  Cheap and easy and best of all … IT WORKS!  Someone should package it in a spray bottle, maybe give it a better scent or something and market it because I’m telling ya’ll … IT WORKS!


  1. Well, I 'll be darned. Never heard of that either...but will sure try it next time!

  2. I put it in an empty perfume bottle (after washing and rinsing the bottle well with mild soap and water) and spritzed it on and it worked so well that I decided to Google it and this came up! I was afraid I might have made it worse because it felt so much better so I'm glad to hear that I didn't do any damage. It WORKS!

  3. It worked ! Thank you so much Debbie for sharing your cure for sunburn pain .

  4. I use rubbing alcohol and baby oil mix equally it cools the burn and moisturizes your skin

  5. It worked ! Thank you so much Debbie for sharing your cure for sunburn pain .
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