Monday, July 23, 2012

Heals Like New

Does this look like the heel of a 50 year old?
In addition to my regular use of a pumice stone I use Heal Tastic ...
yea I don't normally fall for "as seen on TV" stuff BUT after trying all kinds
of crazy home remedies, including smothering my feet in Vaseline and covering with socks over night, and a few others from Pinterest
 and STILL my heels didn't look so great ... dry and cracked ...
I was pretty much ready to try anything (well, within reason).
So a couple months ago I decided to give Heal Tastic a try.
You can see the results for yourself!
(Sorry I don't have a before pic but hey these are 50 year old feet)
I love it ... I use it every morn then put on my flip flops and go.
Not only do I use it on my heels but also on my toes and balls of my feet.
When I first started using it I would put it on 2-3 times a day.
Its not greasy and soaks in pretty quickly.
What convinced me to try it was the list of ingredients ~ all natural.
Now I paid $9.00 ($8.99 if you want to get technical) for mine
but I've seen it as low as $7.00 at Ross.
I love this stuff  ... so much so I've thought of stocking up on it just 
in case they stop making it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Organic Sunscreen

With all the information regarding the questionable safety of sunscreens ... for example: I decided I didn't want to cover my body with toxins and chemicals known to cause skin cancer and other cancers.  Hey it makes sense ... why do we put chemicals on our body to be absorbed into our skin thus into our systems?  Sooooo... I did a little online research of my own, reading ingredients, claims, reviews and the like and found this product on  It was a little pricey but the average review had 5 stars (the highest rating) and its claims that it didn't leave a white film or stickiness on the skin sold me.  

It smells amazing and good enough to eat ... and you probably could (though I wouldn't advise it) ... some of the ingredients include Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Almond, Green Tea.

I used it this past week at our family beach vacation in Seagrove Beach, FL ... it was awesome!  I didn't burn as long as I reapplied it every couple hours (as it advises) and it made my skin feel so soft.  And true to its claims ... a little goes a long way!  It only took the size of a dime to cover an entire arm!  Also, true to its claims ... it completely absorbs into your skin immediately.  A few family members tried it and loved it as well ~ all were in awe of its wonderful smell!  

Just so ya'll know ... I am NOT getting paid to say this.  This is a product I've tried and want to share my opinion.  I will definitely buy it again!