Monday, July 23, 2012

Heals Like New

Does this look like the heel of a 50 year old?
In addition to my regular use of a pumice stone I use Heal Tastic ...
yea I don't normally fall for "as seen on TV" stuff BUT after trying all kinds
of crazy home remedies, including smothering my feet in Vaseline and covering with socks over night, and a few others from Pinterest
 and STILL my heels didn't look so great ... dry and cracked ...
I was pretty much ready to try anything (well, within reason).
So a couple months ago I decided to give Heal Tastic a try.
You can see the results for yourself!
(Sorry I don't have a before pic but hey these are 50 year old feet)
I love it ... I use it every morn then put on my flip flops and go.
Not only do I use it on my heels but also on my toes and balls of my feet.
When I first started using it I would put it on 2-3 times a day.
Its not greasy and soaks in pretty quickly.
What convinced me to try it was the list of ingredients ~ all natural.
Now I paid $9.00 ($8.99 if you want to get technical) for mine
but I've seen it as low as $7.00 at Ross.
I love this stuff  ... so much so I've thought of stocking up on it just 
in case they stop making it!

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