Friday, September 4, 2015

Bucket List ~ Boston Eats

Okay here’s some of the places where we had lunch, dinner, coffee or dessert while in Boston and Cape Cod … the good and the bad … our opinions.  I've already written about the Mom and Pop Pizza place, Santarpio's Pizza (a Must), The Black Rose, Warren Tavern (another Must) and the Union Oyster House in previous blogs about Boston so I won't include any of those again here.  Some of these are definitely a Must!!!

Oh gosh ... who doesn't recognize this sign?  If you are a Starbucks
fan ... they are everywhere in downtown Boston.
This place "The Daily Catch Seaport" was recommended by our
server at Santarpio's Pizza and boy he nailed it ... it was delicious!
There is another location in Little Italy but our server said you would
probably come out smelling like garlic though the food is just as delicious.
A MUST if you love seafood and pasta!

Here's the view while you dine!!!  Be a-u-ti-ful!
I had the Shrimp, Scallops & Broccoli in a White Sauce and served in the pan they cooked it in.
The pasta is homemade and it was obvious ... so so so good that I ate it all, seriously!
Had to have at least one glass of vino with my pasta so I ordered
this drink ... I do not remember name but it consisted of
Prosecco, Pellegrino and a sprig of Rosemary!
Oh my goodness ... never thought of Rosemary in my vino
but it was a perfect touch ... I will definitely do this at home! 

This place is a MUST if you love fresh Italian pastries ... though they also had
French and American pastries as well.
It's located in Little Italy in the North End on Hanover Street.
Can you tell we went more then once?
Cash Only, as is a lot of places in Boston, so be prepared!
Streets in Little Italy ... do not try to drive in Boston, traffic is heavy
and little to no parking plus parking is expensive ... its a walking town.

Hubby's Brownie ... it was ginormous!!!
My White Chocolate Cashew Caramel (brought a couple of these home).
Sorry but no pic of my Traditional Cannoli as I had eaten it before I realized I didn't take a pic.
It was BEST I've had in a long while!   Actually craving one right now!
You cannot tell from this pic but depending on day of week (Saturday's seemed to the be worst)
 the lines for this place and Mike's across the street can extent way down the block.
Worth the wait!!!
Okay this place is just across the street from Modern Pastry and down a bit and
we did try it and it was good but we all preferred Modern Pastry.
Again ... Cash Only!
Caffe Vittoria also in Little Italy on Hanover Street.  We loved this place (that's why so many pics)
and we would have gone again had it worked into our schedule.
A MUST if you love Italian Coffee, Liqueurs or Gelato.
I was in love with all the old Cappuccino machines and coffee urns.

My Caffe Mocha ... it was soooo good!
Saw this AFTER I'd ordered my coffee ... dang!
Thought we'd get a chance to go back for one of these but we didn't.
Hubby's Banana Gelato ~ yummmm

I wish we had a great Italian coffee shop here ... I'd be there all the time!!!
We had seen this place on Triple D (Dinners Drive Ins & Dives) and
knew we had to try it.  Its located in East Boston a few blocks from Logan Airport.
They only have about a dozen tables so there is always a wait ... a long wait.
Sooooo ... they sent us down to a pub a couple blocks away (for drinks, of course)
and called us when our table was just about ready.

You can see how small the place is (Rino's)... looking through their window front.
I think there is only about a dozen tables.
But get this ... after the glass of vino at the pub I needed to use their bathroom 
... so I was instructed to go through the kitchen (literally) to get to it (its literally IN the kitchen) 
so when I did, I waved and said hello to the chef personally!  LOL
He had several sou chefs but he does all the cooking himself!
 It was actually kinda cool ... a quaint little place!

Our Bruschetta ... yummmmm
My Lobster Ravioli ... this pic doesn't EVEN do it justice!
I forget the name of Hubby's dish but this was it.  So much food and so good
we had leftovers for breakfast (seriously) the next morning!!!
We ate here in Plymouth, MA ... found via Yelp.
I had the Lobster Bisque (not best I've ever had but it was good) and
Hubby had the Lobster Roll which he shared with me.
It was sort of pricey for lunch but was good and we had an awesome water view.
Clean "old diner" sort of place!

Found this place somewhere in Cape Cod, the people were friendly, food was good
and there's a cute little souvenier shop next door with reasonable prices!

Inside decor.

This place is on Martha's Vineyard in Vineyard Haven, literally a whole in the wall.
You go inside, order and sit at one of the two picnic tables outside ~ thank goodness
it was a beautiful day!  I had one of their own unique salads and it was very good.  Hubby
had an Italian sandwich which he loved.  Definitely recommend!
This place is a treasure and we found it by accident on our last day in Boston.
So glad we did but we wish we had found it sooner.
Its located in Little Italy on Hanover Street and down a little grocer's alley.
We literally followed the smell of fresh baked bread!!!
Sandwiches are made to order and they are quick ... 
fresh bread, handmade cheese and freshly cut meats ...
oh and they are huge, Hubby and I shared one.
They had all kinds of Italian foods for purchase ... from anti-pastas to
freshly baked breads, to homemade (and imported) pastas, fresh Italian
meats, fresh tomatoes, homemade sauces ... the list goes on ...
it was a tiny Italian grocery store.
A definite Must!!!
Fresh Artichokes
Their Homemade jarred Red Sauces.

Stuffed Italian Peppers.
Look at all that fresh homemade Pasta ... the blue boxes are imported Pasta,
same brand "DeCecco" we always buy ... very good.
Fresh Octopus in Olive Oil ... not so sure I could do that but this Italian man saw
me eyeing it and said (in his very heavy Italian accent) "very good ... octopus
with a bit of fresh bread and a glass of vino, perfect meal"
This place is a Must ... you have to look for it though.
Again ... its in Little Italy on Hanover Street and down a grocer's alley!
And obviously its won many great reviews!
Here's what it looks like from the street!  Look for it and go!!!
We loved Boston and had lots of great eats!!!