Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bucket List ~ Boston (Part 3)

Our Freedom Trail adventure second half started at Faneuil Hall (pronounced like Daniel … I learned) and I do not know why I didn't get a better photo of it besides the one I've already posted in a previous blog.  Oh well.  Anyway ...this was a hike mainly because the stops are further apart … and once we crossed the bridge over to Charlestown, it seemed all uphill to Bunker Hill from there and my poor knees were killing me that day (thankfully the only day).  We didn’t have such a pretty day this day, misty off/on, dreary and foggy but it could have been worse and we still managed to have a great day.

Old Corner Bookstore which now houses, as you can see, a
Chipotle, however, it is not open for touring.  Built in 1711 and
published and produced some major authors' books.

Thought this building was cool ... look how it curves!

We ate ...ooops I mean tried this place one day for lunch, should
have checked Yelp first, it was awful, we left very hungry and
with $50 less in our pockets (no drinks, just water and our meals) ...
but it is worth viewing outside and inside ... beautiful old building!

Paul Revere's House and oldest wooden structure in Boston.

I just thought this old car, which can be rented to tour Boston, was pretty cool!

The misty, dreary day actually made for a nice pic, I think!

This little Chocolate Shoppe caught our eye and had an amazing Chocolate Drink to sample
with a demonstration of how it was made back in the day ... worth a stop!

This was a very moving Memorial ... we had to stop for a moment.

That tall structure in background is the Bunker Hill Monument which
was the inspiration for the Washington Monument in DC ... interesting, huh?

Cool old Firehouse

Bunker Hill Monument up close ... I had planned on climbing it but with my knees
giving me fits that day, I decided not to ... didn't want to spoil the rest of our week.
Hubby and I waited while sister and BIL climbed to the top ... beautiful view, they say!

Enjoyed the free museum at Bunker Hill ... learned a lot!

We ate here, the same place George Washington and Paul Revere frequented ...
we enjoyed the food, atmosphere and people so much we wanted to go
back again but never had time.  I had their Lobster Mac n Cheese
and it was delicious, their Onion Soup is the bomb
and all of us enjoyed our meals and Sam Adams Boston Lagers.
A must try!

The USS Constitution aka "Old Ironsides" ... ya'll should have learned about it in
history class but if not, you need to read up on it.  It was in dry dock for maintenance
during our visit so we could only tour on deck and nothing below
but oh how magnificent this old ship is ... breathtaking considering its age!!!

We took the Water Shuttle (use is included in weekly Subway Pass)
back across the Bay to Boston ... I didn't take a pic of the old and dank
shuttle boat as it wasn't anything special but hey it was a ride.

Thankfully this was the ONLY day we had with this kind of weather ... didn't stop us though
after we got back we walked over to Beacon Hill (next blog).

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