Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bucket List ~ Boston Walks

Walking Boston … the steps, floors,  sidewalks, streets and pathways.  Shots of them all … ya’ll will understand after looking at these photos just how important a good pair of walking shoes are when visiting Boston.  Yea I have a thing about taking photos of where my feet land LOL

Subway Escalator ... there were lots of stairs too and of course elevators, if needed.

We ate here one night, the live Irish music was great but way too loud and food was good
but they had no truly traditional Irish food (except Fish n Chips).

Not sure you can make it out but "Long Wharf" is etched in the stone.

Orange Line T ... dark and dank.

Freedom Trail beginning point

Brass Donkey on left and if you are in opposition you stand
on the brass plaque with Elephants stamped into the 'shoe' soles.

This was most trash we saw on Boston streets and its
not even real LOL "Brass Trash".

This bridge we walked across from Boston to Charlestown was a bit
creepy ... you can see through the grates to the water below.

If you haven't already figured it out,
the red brick line is the Freedom Trail.

Deck of USS Constitution

Green Line T

Long Wharf Decking

Blue Line T
And then there was the walking in Cape Cod towns and beaches ...

Dirt paths in Plimouth Plantation (no, I didn't spell that wrong)

Crosswalks in Plymouth, MA ... they all looked like this.

Stair steps in the Highland Light Lighthouse, Cape Cod 

Same Lighthouse ... more steps

Marconi Beach, Cape Cod

Marconi Beach, Cape Cod, no shells but lots of pretty rocks

Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA Beach ... lots of dried seaweed, shells and beauty

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