Friday, April 20, 2012

How To: Frame in an Open Back Frame

Here's just a little 'How To' about framing photos in those large Open Back Frames,
which, is a lot less expensive and just as beautiful as professionally framed photos.
And it's so easy!

What you will need:
Open Back Frame
Frame Hanger
Foam Board
Measuring Tape/Ruler
Double Sided Tape
Craft Knife
Glass Sized to Fit, optional (I do not use it)

First measure the opening on the back side of the Open Back Frame ... not the opening on the front side which is slightly smaller ... but the opening on the back as shown in photo below.

Next cut out the appropriate size Foam Board needed to fit the Open Back Frame snugly ... 
this is important ... the Foam Board must fit the frame snugly or it will not stay in place.  
Once the Foam Board is cut out ... place the photo on it and lay the Mat over the photo to center it.

After centering photo on Foam Board, use the Double Sided Tape to tape it into place.  

Now place the Mat and then the Foam Board (with photo taped into place) into the
Open Back Frame .
Lastly, attach the Frame Hanger to back of Open Back Frame and you're done!!!  Simple and easy!
I framed all three of these in just a matter of minutes ... I'm so proud of my three Airman.
Now I just have to hang them =)

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