Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wall It

I always wanted an Ironing Board that hung on the laundry room wall.  You know, so you don’t have to drag it out and put it up all the time.  Just pop it down and back up when you’re done.  So … when I moved into this house some 7 years ago I went on a search to find one.  I found numerous Ironing Board boxes that you hang on the wall and sorta look like a cabinet but I really didn’t like the looks of them or the price.

Then while in Target one day, I saw an ‘Over-the-Door’ Ironing Board … I knew I could make it work.  Now it’s not a full sized Ironing Board but it works just fine for me.

Instead of ‘hanging it over the door’ which I knew wouldn’t work for me, I hung it on the wall with two plumbing pipe thing-a-majiggees (SEE PHOTO BELOW … I do not know what they are called) that I picked up at Home Depot.  Best thing I ever did … I love it and thought I’d share my tip with ya’ll! 

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