Friday, September 4, 2015

Bucket List ~ Boston’s Beacon Hill

After our day spent finishing up the Freedom Trail we took the T (Subway) to Beacon Hill and walked for a while … a beautiful area of Boston but it was still misting rain on us so we didn't walk it for long.  Here's a lil bit of what we saw ... sorry pics are so gloomy ... it was that kind of day.

Beautiful wooden gate to someone's courtyard.

The facade inspiration to the TV show "Cheers"... inside was nothing like it.
We didn't eat here as we were told its over rated and just bar food
but we did go inside and take a look around ... NOPE it ain't Cheers!
But who cannot resist seeing the facade of a much loved TV show from yesteryear?

Beautiful old mansion.

Loved these handy maps even though we had our own ...
such a pain to unfold it on the street LOL
I just liked the sign!
Another Subway terminal ... cool architecture.
Inside that terminal ... love the old flag!
Cool old lights with exposed pipes ... I just liked it!
An old trolley car displayed behind a 'fence' in the Subway terminal ... another pretty cool piece.
At least I believe that's what it was ... it was underground but says "Boston Elevated Railway".

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