Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bucket List ~ Boston (Part 2)

When we weren’t walking we took the T … in fact, we had to in order to get from our hotel to downtown Boston because it goes under the bay (from the Airport to Aquarium).  The T is Boston’s subway system, the Blue and Green Lines were nice, clean and we felt safe plus they were fast … the Orange and Red Lines … a little sketchy so we only did those ONCE.

On or first full day adventures, we started the Freedom Trail, a must do if you are a history buff.  Most stops along the way are free but there were a few that charge a small fee.  The Freedom Trail is a 2.7 mile walk with stops and tours along the way so we made it a two day adventure, and still didn’t see EVERYTHING but we saw what we wanted to see, historical stuff pertaining to the Revolutionary War.

It starts at Boston Common (the oldest public park in the United States) and tickets for museums along the route can be purchased at the Visitor’s Center, at the start of the trail.  

Visitor's Center at Boston Common

Granary Burying Ground ... Tombstones of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams
Bottom Right is a Subway vent (one of many) I thought it was pretty cool

I'd read about these kinds of churches but had never
seen one in person ... close up pic of Pew Box below
(people of lesser means sat up in the galleries above)

"The" Room where it all began!
Boston Massacre Site as seen from Old State House ...
see circle of bricks outside window?

Interesting tidbit ... a Subway station is below the
Old State House ... I suppose that's better then destroying
this beautiful old historical building.

Holocaust Memorial ... You can't see it but the "numbers" of the victims
are etched in the glass totaling 6 Million ... haunting part of history.

We ended the Freedom Trail (for the day) at Faneuil Hall where a street concert was taking place.

Tea Party Ship and Museum
Ended our historical touring for the day at The Tea Party Ship and Museum which were pretty cool.  Once you enter the guides are completely in character and they do not get out of character AT ALL!  Made you feel like you were a part of it all.  A must see for history buffs and kids would enjoy it as well!  Learned a lot too!

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