Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Crib Refinished

My babies are all grown up but all three of them used this crib … its 27 years old!
It wasn’t my choice of crib (I love dark wood) but we didn’t have a whole lot of money and couldn’t be picky since Scott’s Grandmother offered to buy us one.
When my second baby was born, my oldest was 13½ months old 
(too young for a youth bed), so my Mama bought me a second hand (dark wood)
baby crib for him along with a matching changing table.  Yes, I had two in cribs at once!
It was actually much nicer than this crib but I decided to hold on to this one since
Scott’s Grandmother bought it … sort of for sentimental reasons.
But anyway … this was what we got.
I wish I’d thought of painting it way back when … it looks sooooo much better now. 

My Kids Crib BEFORE Refinishing

Oh and I bet you’re wondering … why did I refinish it?
Well I’m hoping our gbabies (we only have one as of now) will come visit
and I’m making a gbabies bedroom!!!!

Here’s what I did:  (1) I didn’t sand it … that would have taken forever so thank goodness for spray on Primer cause that’s what I used … it took a bunch of cans … I believe at least 6-8 cans (sorry I didn’t keep count).  (2) I spray painted it a creamy Ivory which also took about 6-8 cans.  I primed and painted with the crib put together because it had been in the attic for some almost 20 years and was very difficult to put together so we didn’t dare take it back apart!!!  (3) After priming and painting … I then sanded where there would be normal wear from use.  Now I was going to finish it up with some stain over where I sanded but it looked too fake so I decided to leave it as is.  I’m still undecided as to whether I want to leave it this way or try some coffee/tea staining to give it a little more aging but that’s an easy do later … if I decide that’s what I want. 

Crib AFTER ~ Ready for the Gbabies

Oh and I can’t forget to mention this ~ the chunk that my baby boy took out of it
while teething … its still there!
Those are the kind of things that give furniture character!!!

Crib AFTER in a little better lighting!
I think it turned out pretty great … 
Scott won’t let me purchase a mattress for it UNTIL we know a gbaby is coming to visit
 … so hopefully my Sebastian will come visit soon!

Now to refinish the boys’ old bunk beds!!

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  1. :D! It's gorgeous now! Who knew that ugly thing in the first picture had such potential.. Can't wait until Sebastian can try it out:)