Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not These Lemons for my Lemonade

Lemons from Costco

I got a little concerned while cutting up a lemon purchased at Costco (course we didn’t just buy ‘a’ lemon at Costco … we bought a bag of ‘em) … so I’m thinking “why are these lemons so hard to cut through?”  Sure they’re some super large lemons and they are very pretty BUT the thing is … the SKIN is so thick it’s very difficult to cut through with a very sharp knife.  There is no way you could peel it with your bare hands!!!  So then I started paying attention to other things about these lemons and ya know what?  The SEEDS are not round as found normally in citrus fruit but instead they are sort of flat … emaciated looking.  And the PULP?  Hmmmm … not very juicy … it would take a whole lot of ‘em to make a pitcher of lemonade!  You know how when you cut into citrus it squirts all over?  The more it squirts the juicier they are?  Well … these don’t squirt at all!  And then I thought … SMELL … well normally when you cut into citrus of any kind the smell is enough to fill the room with their delicious aroma … NOPE … not this lemons!!!  All these things combined made me wonder … WTH is up with these lemons?!?

Notice the seeds!

See how thick skin is?

See how much you have to cut off to even get to pulp?

So I go look at the bag they came in and there it is for all to see and somehow I didn’t (Scott didn’t) catch it … the code is #83345 … the 8 meaning … you guessed it GM (Genetically Modified).  See http://www.snopes.com/food/prepare/produce.asp for more understanding of this code system.

See the PLU Code on bag?

Now I don’t know how ya’ll feel about GM fruits and veggies BUT me …. I don’t like it at all.  I’ve done my research and gathered my information (and continue to read everything I can about it) … it’s enough to concern me that I don’t want it in my body!!!  I’m not going to list all the arguments against it … you do your own research and start educating yourself.  But basically … to me … if it ain’t natural I do not want it!  Messing with nature is frankly … unnatural!  The thought of combining the genetics of two very different plants or worse yet … the combining of animal and plant genetics is not only frightening … its sickening.

Well there goes that saying … “When Life Gives You Lemons” blah blah blah … well I don’t want that kind of lemonade!

NOTE: I only mention that I purchased these particular lemons at Costco so that ya'll who do shop Costco can be aware ... I do not mean to set any derogatory tone against Costco as we always shop there and LOVE Costco!!!

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