Monday, January 3, 2011


This Southern Girl has always got a lot to say and an attitude to say it with and a love for anything Italiano, including my husband and soul mate, Scott!  Southern Accents ... Southern Attitude with Italian Spice is a little of everything I wanna talk about ~ from what's cooking in the Carboni Cucina (mostly by Scott, I must add) ....oh and I'll share a few of his recipes too ... to personal reviews of books I've read ... to even American Politics (oh yea, I can't keep my mouth shut there either but I will try to be "fair and balanced" lol)  As for the "lol" ... I do that alot ... LAUGH OUT LOUD ... literally so get used to seeing it everywhere! Not looking for any critiques in my grammar as I'm gonna spell it like I say it (most times that is, as its a little hard to always add that Southern Accent ... lol). 



  1. I just absolutely LOVE THIS!!! LOVE IT!!!!! I am so proud of you...this is gonna be great hit girl!
    So many people want to cook good food, they just need a simply put recipe! And you know when you said book had me at "SALUTE!!!

    Cannot wait to follow you..and I love the background you picked out..

    Wonderful!! Love you!!!

  2. I am lookin' forward to those recipes! Welcome to blog land! It is fun! So break a leg girl, now the whole world will know what you think and do and you will be all over internet searches and then you can get your own tv show!
    ....the real southern girl with attitude! lol!!