Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Santa Mobile

This is my beloved Santa Mobile that I have taken out once a year, every year, for the past …hmmmm … let’s just say … a long time!  LOL  I made it in third grade … yep you read that right … third grade.  I get comments about it almost every year.  Its really simply made.  Red and white poster board, cotton balls, red yarn and glue.  I’m not sure what the strip of cotton batting across the top of his beard is all about …but its there … or why he has a tongue in the middle of his beard LOL …or maybe that’s supposed to be his mouth … I don’t know.  But this I do know … I love him and he’s hung up somewhere in my house every year at Christmas!!!  This would make a great craft project for school …hey its lasted this long …

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