Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Recipe Ya'll

Hey yall …well I’ve come up with a new recipe but wanted to explain it before I post it along with a pic.  I saw this dish in the frozen food isle and thought “mmmm that sounds good” but when my trusty ‘dietician’ (Alayna) checked out the sodium count she was like “no Mom, you can make this yourself with fresh ingredients and it will be healthier” … sooooo I got the ingredients together and added a little flare of my own and whaalaa …it was sooo good.  It would be a great side dish in the summer months with grilled chicken or fish.  Scott and I ate it tonight as our one-dish-meal which isn’t easy to get him to do as he is a gotta-have-meat-at-every-meal-kinda-man!!!

Now the only thing I did different than I normally would was to use dried Basil since this time of year I don’t have fresh (Basil is an annual herb).  If I had fresh Basil … and I know you can BUY it in the produce isle but I refuse to spend that much for something I can GROW even if I can’t grow it this time of year LOL …anyway, I would have picked it fresh and let it soak in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a few hours to infuse.

Also, it’s a great meal for vegetarians like my son, Alexander, so Alex just leave out the Pancetta and its totally vegetarian.

Recipe and pic to follow … just hold on!

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  1. Oh my...a teaser ingenious!!! Cause you KNOW we are waiting....