Friday, February 18, 2011

This Thing Called Facebook

Why is it people want to Facebook friend you but NEVER EVER say anything to you?  No writing on your wall, no commenting on your posts …nothing!  The least you could say is “hey Debbie how the heck are you?”  Well I gotta give it to them … sometimes ….they do an occasional ‘like’ of your status!!!  Hitting ‘like’ is easy … man, I could hit ‘like’ all day long and never have to utter a word and yea I’m actually guilty of hitting ‘like’ pretty often, especially when there are no words to say.  But to never ever utter a word on a status or post or write on your wall … its like WTH?  Why did you want to be my friend?

Is it to so you can creep on my profile, check out my pics … just be plain nosey? 

Or are you really interested in knowing me and what I’ve been up to and staying connected to me?  NOT …because if that were the case, I think you would have said ‘something’ by now!!!

Hmmm maybe its because you ‘collect’ friends … gotta get those numbers up …oh yea …for what?  Does having 600 plus FB friends make you special?  NOT!

Or maybe its because you want me involved in your silly games … Farmville, Mafia Wars, Fishy World or whatever the heck its called.  I don’t do GAMES …my time is better spent socializing … sorry Gamer friends!  I do understand you have an addiction … just come on over occasionally and socialize too! 

Now I understand there are many who set up FB accounts and NEVER EVER go on FB again.  EVER.  And there are those who have accounts and occasionally post a status but NEVER EVER comment on anyone elses.  And then there are those that do FB but are only keeping up with everyone else and don’t want anyone keeping up with them.  How sad! 

I’m actually picky when it comes to accepting friend requests …first I have at least got to know you somehow someway.  Just cause I’ve ‘heard’ of you doesn’t make me want to friend you.  And just because we went to the same high school?  That doesn’t mean I knew you or did I?  Come on people at least remind me of who you are … and girls… please … not including your maiden name is just plain stupid.  If I know you but haven’t kept up with your life over the past decades … how in the world would I know you by your married name?  At the very least when you send that friend request send a note with it saying who the heck you are!!!

And … people do change … just cause we knew each other in high school or childhood doesn’t mean I ‘know’ you now …doesn’t mean we even have any common interests or morals … yea that’s a biggy … I don’t want to be friends with people who aren’t morally on the same page as me.  Do you?

When I get a friend request from someone … usually we have quite a few mutual friends …so if I can’t determine who the heck you are and can’t find your lovely face in one of my yearbooks … I private message one or several of those mutual friends and say “who the heck is so and so” and I’m telling you 9 times out of 10 the answer I get is “oh I don’t know but they went to school with us” or “I don’t know but they have mutual friends with me” …or better yet “they’re a friend of mine, they are good people” … WTH?

In this world of identity theft and just plain meanness why wouldn’t I screen my Facebook friends?  I don’t want strangers knowing my business nor do I want strangers keeping up with me … not that I’m a private person … aint got a thing to hide but still …

I’ve had friend requests from friends of friends who were married to so and so and are now friend with my second cousin once removed … well not really but you get my point.  WTH?

Now with all this negative talk about friend requests … let me tell ya … I’ve made some wonderful friends on FB … some I even went to high school with and yea I did know WHO they were in high school but NO I didn’t know them way back when …but because of mutual friends and commenting on our mutual friends posts or statuses we’ve gotten to know each other and found that we have sooooo much in common how could we NOT be friends … heck I’ve gotten to know a quite few of my FB friends this way and wonder … how the heck did I not know them before!!!  Wonderful people …people I’m so glad to have connected with!

I love connecting with new friends like this … want to reconnect with long ago friends …and stay reconnected … that’s the beauty of FB …but I don’t need to have FB friends that have no interest in me or any interest in what I say … I don’t need the ‘friends’ who NEVER EVER comment on what I say … I don’t need the old friends that NEVER EVER comment on a life crisis I’m going through … so I say defriend me … won’t hurt my feelings … well it would if it was one of my dear friends who does ‘talk’ to me on FB …now I’m not talking about the friends who aren’t FBoholics like me and aren’t on FB 24/7 …those I do understand and those do post when they are occasionally on FB …I’m talking about those who NEVER EVER post on anything!!!  The NEVER EVER friends!!!

Lawd have mercy … I may have ‘friends’ dropping me left and right after reading this … that’s if those NEVER EVER friends even read my blog … but that’s okay … you’ve just beaten me to the punch cause I’m getting ready to defriend you!!!

As much pain and heartbreak as I’m going through right now and all the difficult times struggling to stay afloat before that …a time when I need my FRIENDS the most …well as the old saying goes “you find out who your friends are when you’re in time of need”.  With that said … I don’t need you NEVER EVER friends so go ahead defriend me … its painless!

This thing called Facebook, what a wonderful social concept …I’m so glad I have reconnected or connected with so many of you and YOU know who you are!  The TRUE friends!!! 


  1. Well said my True Friend!♥~DWH

  2. Amen sista girl!!! I could not have said it better myself. I too, am picky about who I accept. Numbers mean nothing. And I accept, and they never speak to me, after I have spoke..they are gone. I won;t be anyone else's number either.
    You are one of my best "finds" here on this wonderful thing we call face Book...I am so proud I know you now..and hate..I never knew you then. Love you girl.

  3. Great reading and I love you ... thanks for the story..Debi Potter Drawdy