Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Then There’s the ‘Pink Dish’ …

You’d think it gets easier with each phone call … it doesn’t.  You’d think you’d get used to explaining the situation … it doesn’t.  EVERY phone call is hard.  EVERY conversation is hard.  And then there’s the inconsiderate customer service reps to deal with … no ‘I’m sorry for your loss’…nothing … just attitude!  Yes,  life does go on but that doesn’t mean I’m not hurting … doesn’t mean this phone call to you isn’t hard …I just wanna reach through the phone and slap them … my Mama died … this isn’t easy ~ be a little understanding of my pain!!!  Some can even be down right ‘bitches’ …’cuse my ‘French’ but there’s no other word for it!

You try hard to take the emotions out of it but some days the emotions are just so raw … so right there on the surface.  Then there are days when you just can’t even think about it much less deal with it all.

There’s accounts to close … phones, internet, cell phones, cable, charge cards … magazine subscriptions, newspaper subscriptions …bills to pay …health insurance to deal with … address changes to make …assets to distribute …a house full of ‘things’ to go through … taxes to file … the list just goes on and on …AND it all sounds easy on paper … in real life …its all sooo hard, highly emotional and just overwhelming! 

And cancelling magazine subscriptions isn’t easy either … imagine this … they sent a reply “Mary [my Mama] we are so sorry for your loss” … yep that’s one we got!!!  I won’t disclose the name of the magazine but it’s a BIG one!!!  What is wrong with people today?

Then there’s notifying the credit bureaus (all three of them) so they can ‘flag’ the file in the event an identity theft person tries to steal her identity … oh it happens … believe me …someone stole my Daddy’s identity just shortly after his death ~ but that’s another story.

As if things aren’t difficult enough …on top of all this stuff you’ve gotta take care of … the death certificate gets the wrong Social Security Number on it … checks get auto-deposited when they shouldn’t have been … so that’s more stuff to deal with.  And then, of course, this creates more follow up phone calls.

And then tears … always more tears … always more falling apart … trying so hard to do the right thing while others …

I know there are worse things … harder things … even more difficult things … that I could be dealing with right now but right now, this is my reality …my heart hurts every day!

And then there’s the ‘pink dish’ …


  1. Your story makes my heart ache for you, and dread. Dread the day when it's my turn. You are right though, more times than not, people become numbers. Humans without faces to the business world. Just another account number. I know none of that helps you heal. It simply re-opens the wounds.
    But now, sweet girl, I must know, what is the reference to the 'pink dish'? I saw your beautiful that the name of the flower? Please divulge....

  2. Bleeding hearts ... that's the name of the flower in the pic!