Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where’s the Promised Book Reviews?

I promised book reviews when I started this blog and since starting it I haven’t read a single book.  So unlike me.  Why?   Well, I was three quarters the way through reading One Day at a Time’ by Danielle Steel on the day my Mama died.   Its been hard for me to pick it back up and finish.  AND my personal rule is to never start a new book until I’ve finished the one I’m reading.

So a couple days ago, I pulled the book back down from my bookshelf.  It’s still sitting here on the arm of my sofa just waiting to be finished. 

I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finishing it.  I suppose its because the last time my Mama was here visiting (in October) she read a couple of my books (a Nicolas Sparks and a Mary Kay Andrews) and as she finished each one, we would discuss it.  She always read a book or two while she was visiting and often took a few home.  For later.  When she died she still had a dozen of my books that I had loaned her … waiting to read.  Mostly Danielle Steel … the love stories!

Growing up Mama read the newspaper (The Albany Herald) and magazines (she always had numerous magazine subscriptions: Southern Living, Guidepost, Woman’s Day, Family Circle).  BUT she didn’t really start to read novels until I got her started.  Oh she would read the occasion novel but she always said she didn’t have time for books … until I got her into reading.

So with that said, I WILL get this book finished and I WILL post a review … just not sure how long it will take me.

But how appropriate the title, huh?  One Day at a Time’

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  1. In due time girl. All in due time. I don't think I've read very much since I signed onto Facebook! I have got to get back into my books and reading. I love it so...and I've just neglected it something awful.

    And yes, very appropriate title..Love you.