Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Beach Trip

Mama (Easter) the Bathing Beauty

Mama was born on Easter Sunday, April 12, 1936.  Her Grandfather nicknamed her Easter and called her that til the day he died.  Two Easter’s ago … 2009 … Mama’s Birthday fell on Easter Sunday again … first time since she was born.  So at our annual McKellar Family Easter Egg Hunt/Dinner at Aunt Dollie’s we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  I can see that smile on her face now!

This year Mama would have been 75 … a milestone.  Jackie and I had secretly planned to take her to the beach for a week during Spring Break to celebrate … since it was a surprise for her … she never knew!

Now as we all leave for the beach tomorrow … our minds and hearts are full of thoughts of Mama.  She would have loved this … our families all at the beach together for a week … a family vacation.  We plan to do this every year … a family beach vacation … same time each year.  Some can’t make it this year … Scott, Alex and Heather and some can only make it for a few days … Anthony and Kay … but it will be fun that’s for sure …full of memory making and thoughts and stories about our Mama and our Nana!

Mama’s Scrabble board is packed and ready for us to play it at the beach … oh how she loved her Scrabble and she was great at it too … whipped all of our butts!  Many times!  LOL  She would have loved Words with Friends!

And Seashells … I hope I find a bunch cause Mama loved shelling just like I do … guess I got it honest!  Every shell I find ... I will think of her!

And then there’s the Mud Pie that Alayna will make in honor of her Nana … Nana made it every year for Easter … for the kids!

We miss our Mama and Nana terribly but I know deep in my heart that she will be with us this week . . . at the BEACH! 


  1. now that is a sweet post! yes, mama will be there too! have fun!

  2. Yes ma'am...she will be the wind beneath your wings, the spray from the waves, the roar in your ears when you find seashells, and the sunset at night..when it feels just right. Love you girlie..your Mama would be so proud of you and this blog...heck she IS proud..cause I know..she knows....Have a great time at the Beach...cause your Mama sure will..watching all of you.