Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Me?

Bella is a wonderful dog … she loves us dearly …wouldn’t eat for 5 days at the kennel recently … separation anxiety … but you know how dogs can be … like a child … they have the brain of what … maybe a 2 year old human?  LOL

She doesn’t chew on things normally because we taught her very early on what was acceptable to chew on and that’s her toys or her bones … nothing else.  Yep some of us (I won’t name who and its not me) leave their shoes laying around … but nope … Bella doesn’t touch them.  She learned from the beginning not to chew on stuff that’s normally on the floor.  But drop something on the floor accidently and she’s like “for me?” … She once chewed up my Blackberry as it had fallen off one of the ottomans (oh she won’t take it if its on an ottoman) and another time she chewed up and ate a whole pack of cigarettes that were laying on the floor beside my suitcase waiting to be packed and another time still she was caught starting to chew on one of the remotes that had accidently fallen off the ottoman … won’t touch them normally as that is where they sit most of the time … doesn’t even sniff them ….

Sooooo we’ve learned if you accidently drop something on the floor and don’t realize it … buddy its gone …

Alayna looooooves gum …I’m tellin you this girl goes through gum like nothing else … she can chew up a pack a day (sounds like an addiction to me lol) …and no she does not like to share either LOL …doesn’t matter to me as I can’t chew gum (TMJ but that’s another story) …her roommate at college knew how much Alayna loved her gum and that she ALWAYS had a pack or two … and you better believe Alayna knows at any given time just how many pieces she has left in a pack and how many packs she may have stored up … sooo …yep you guessed it … roommate argument over gum … again that’s another story.

Sooooo … last night Alayna dropped her only pack of gum … a brand new pack mind you … on the floor.  Neither of us noticed.  But some 30 minutes or so later … I saw that Bella was a little overly enthused about what I believed was one of her toys … well it turns out … she had a whole pack of gum!!!  She somehow managed to tear into the main packaging without having to eat it but once she reached the sweet smelling gum … that was it … she ate every last piece … paper and all!

Today … we are experiencing the results of all that gum in Bella’s belly as she has been passing little squeaky poots all day long LOL  Well … I guess it could have been worse … it could have been bubble gum …

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