Saturday, April 30, 2011

Southern Accent ~ Southern Slang

When my boys were 5 and 6 and Lucy Lou was just a baby … I took the boys shopping for school supplies.  We were living in Albany and options for good deals were limited and money was tight so we ended up at K-Mart.  We’re picking up pencils, paper, crayons … ya’ll know how it goes … you get a list a page long even for Kindergartners.  Anyway … the boys were into Mickey (for Anthony) and Donald Duck “Donduck” (for Alexander) sooooo what does Alex spy?  A folder … one that wasn’t on the list, mind you … with Donduck on it.  I said “No” …so we move on ... walking back and forth and around the few isles trying to find everything we need and here we pass the Donduck folder again.  Soooo he begs can he “pweese ha it?” … “ got Donduck onwit”. 

Well ya gotta know my Alex … poor thing had speech problems from the day he uttered his first “word” and Anthony, being 13 months older thought he should be his interpreter … half of what Anthony interpreted was wrong … the other half was what Anthony wanted … “he says he wants a cookie, Mommy” … LOL  Poor baby started speech therapy at the age of 3 and continued til 5th grade.  Combined with his speech problem … we lived in Pennsylvania (in Pennsylvania Dutch country) for most of his first 5 years where they speak and say things so much differently than us Southerners … soooooooo he’s got a Mom who speaks “Southern” and more specifically South Georgian, a grandmother who speaks “the Queens English” and he’s living in Pennsylvania Dutch country.  No wonder he had a speech problem right?  LOL

So back to my story … anyway … the boys are walking close behind me … following me …so Alex is beggin me in his sweet little hard-to-understand voice “pweeeese Mommy” and so I finally give in and say “I reckon” … then I hear Alex’s quiet voice behind me ask Anthony ….

“Anfy, whas I reckon mean?”

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