Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lucy Lou Turns 21

She’s turning 21 …oh how can that be?
Just only yesterday she was just 3

Reading her books and thinking she’s grown
Singing her Zippity Doo Dah song

Or was it 5 when Charlotte’s Web she read
Dancing across the stage with dreams in her head

“Mommy’s Angel” she’d say and “Nana’s Angel too”
Dancing around the house in Mommy’s shoes

Wait … wasn’t she just 7?
Thinking she’s big … yet carrying “Jaque-a-mo” everywhere we went!

There’s Old Bunny, and Betsy, the Black Cat and the ‘bird”
There was Barney, Pocohonis and Lion King too
Where did the time go?  Or where have I been?

Suddenly she’s 8
And it’s late, this I know
But she’s finally riding that bike down the road!

Thanking me over and over again
as she’s tumbling and tumbling all across the gym!

Wasn’t she just 11
The year she finally grew … out of those Tinkerbell panties, so cute!

She was so tiny walking across that pageant floor
Singing “These Hands” song to hundreds or more

There were birthday parties, recitals, days of honors and try outs
A few bruises, broken arm and some stitches … quite a few

13 … oh no … that was just the other day
with Spanish she was learning to say

Oh how she thought she was grown … knew-it-all
Mom and Dad know nothing at all!

She was just 14, no 15 …or was it 16? Oh my!
On top of the pyramid … she was the fly

There were tears and there was laughter
A friend lost or gained
But through those years, a young woman she became

Oh no is she really in college, so far from home?
Learning just how to make it on her own.

“Don’t call me or text me, I won’t even answer”
That’s what she told me as she left for campus

The calls and the texts came right away …
My baby girl was missing her Mommy everyday!

Then off to boot camp … oh she’s too little for that
A Thunderbolt, a perfect marksman … boy is she tough!

So off on her own, she truly is now
Making her way in the world … making this Mom proud!

I surprised her early
With something of meaning
‘Cause this Birthday is special you see

Gave her my necklace …
gold chain and diamond pendent
The chain I’ve had since a teen
The diamond some 28 years …
But now it is hers!

Then I put it around her neck
As we hugged and we cried!


  1. Oh my God...this was beautiful...and I have no idea how I missed it. Debbie...was an awesome tribute of a mother's love for her daughter and what that means. You know, sometimes our children can be very self-absorbed, but i hope your beautiful daughter read this. And I hope she keeps it somewhere. One day, if not already, it will mean the world to her.

  2. Thanks Meeechelle ~ It was posted to FB on her birthday ...I called her early that morning to 'sing' Happy Birthday to her and she was teary eyed (I could hear it in her voice) and when I asked her why she said she had just read this =) Just as she was moved by me giving her my fav necklace (the one she has always loved), she was moved by this too and it says what I wanted to say to her ... baby girl is all grown up ... in a blink of an eye!