Saturday, June 23, 2012

'Mater Samiches

Nothing says Summertime in the South like a fresh ‘Mater Samich (Southern slang for Tomato Sandwich).  Takes me back to my summers as a child on my Grandparents farm.  Out in the tomato fields picking tomatoes in the broiling hot Georgia sun.  Oh how I’d hate coming across one of those tomato worms … eeeeeew!!!  Sometimes, I’d even bite into one right out there in the field … still warm in my hand … sprinkle it with salt and pepper … from those little packets you get at a restaurant … seems everyone always had a stash in the glove compartment lol… and enjoy.  Mmmm mmmm sooooo good.  And better yet … sitting at my Nanny’s kitchen table sipping on some Sweet Tea as she made us Mater Samiches.  No recipe required here ya’ll … just slap some mayonnaise on a couple slices of fresh bread, add a couple slices of tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper.  You can’t leave off the salt … it brings out the sweetness in the tomato.  Enjoy!  Good ol Summertime in the South!  

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