Saturday, September 29, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider ..... NOT

For some reason we've had a lot of spiders in and around the house this year.  A couple of months ago, when I was cleaning the outsides of the picture windows, I was knocking down webs like crazy.  There were so many you'd think we live in a haunted house!!!  I've tried spraying Pine Sol (was told by someone that works) around the outside of the house and around the windows to no avail ... I've tried a couple natural home 'remedies' to no avail ... and I've finally just had to break out the spider spray.  

So what do I find late last night on our back deck ... a humongous spider web!!!  This one much bigger than all those others I knocked down.  And somehow the spider had managed to build it in just over an hour because it wasn't there earlier!  He was planning to catch something big ... yikes!  I was thankful I hadn't brought my Bella out with me because she would have walked right through it down the steps and had, not only spider web all in her long white hair, but also a pretty humongous spider on her as well ... eeeeeewww!

I'm surprised I was able to get the web to show up in a pic ... I tried blowing flour onto the web thinking it would stick and help it show up better ... thought maybe the spider spray might do the trick too but no ... nothing seemed to help ... not even the Windex, LOL  But you can somewhat make it out in this pic.

And here's a couple close ups (thank goodness for zoom lenses) of that nasty spider ... eeeeeew ... looks like it may be a wolf spider but I'm not sure ... does anyone know?  At this point, he was dying but I wasn't getting close ... no way ... no how!  Legs and all ... he was easily 3 inches ... wish I'd thought to put something down beside it for comparison.

Here's a shot of the web today in the daylight ...

Afterall ... Halloween is just around the corner!!!

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