Sunday, November 25, 2012

Southern Style Green Beans

Southern Style Green Beans

I don’t really have a 'recipe' for my Green Beans but I know every time I make them they are goobled all up and I end up saying I should have made twice as much.  This year my brother in law requested them for Thanksgiving AND again they were goobled up in the first go round … no second servings left!!!  I just barely had time to get a picture snapped as you can see the pan is bout empty!  I should have made twice as much lol

Here’s what I do ~ I take Bacon and brown it a little bit in a pan (I think I used about 4 strips for this pan of Green Beans), not like you’re going to eat it but just enough to get the fat rendered from it.  Then I add the fresh Green Beans and, if necessary, a tad of water … just enough to cover bottom of the pan.  Add a about a tablespoon of Ham Seasoning, a little Sea Salt and a pinch or two of Sugar (that’s a trick I learned from my Nanny and my Mama … I do this with all fresh veggies).  My real secret though is something another family member taught me … add a teaspoon or two (I don’t really measure) of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Cook on low heat for a couple hours, stirring occasionally to make sure there is still water in the pan.  Sometimes I serve them still a bit crunchy (some like it this way) but most times I cook them down like real Southerners do (see my picture).


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