Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

So you’ve found Pinterest huh?  And like the rest of us you’re addicted?  LOL  Yea, well don’t feel bad the rest of us went a little nuts the first few weeks or maybe it was months!  LOL  Just sloooooow down and breathe … that cute little dress, or yummy looking recipe and that ‘must do’ DIY project just may still be there when you’re ready to make it.  Really, it will!!
I, like a lot of people, went a little NUTSO when I first was introduced to Pinterest by my son and daughter-in-law … Anthony texted me right away after he heard about it cause he knows me well =) and boy did I go to town pinning away to my preset ‘Boards’.  Eventually, I learned to create and name my own Boards, otherwise, I was just gonna have a bunch of Pins with no organization to them at all … had to give them names that I could remember and create Boards for my needs!

Yep, I too, AT FIRST, pinned everything I loved, looked good or thought was an awesome idea … BUT seriously, was I really ever going to make those dozens of ‘poke cakes’ or that coffee table made from an old ‘Radio Flyer’ wagon or was I really going to paint my nails that color/design?  Nah!  So … I learned to slooooooooow down and breathe … just kinda stepped back a little and start pinning to Boards truly useful ideas, recipes and projects … you know, stuff that I would realistically attempt to make or do.

Took me a while to learn too that that wonderful picture of some yummy looking and sounding (from the description beneath it – THAT, by the way can be totally personalized, yep … you can totally change its wording to fit your need)  dish might just NOT have a recipe to go with it!  Sooooooo, now I click on the picture which leads to a link (hopefully) where the recipe is located and actually read the recipe to make sure I really might want to make it.  I’ve been disappointed, pretty often, to find … there is no dang recipe!!!!

And Lord have mercy ya’ll … that hundredth “decorator” cupcake you’ve pinned today … are you really gonna be making it?  Take a step back from your computer and breathe.  OR that five thousandth arts and crafts project … now when are you seriously gonna find time to make ALL of them and where are you gonna put them all?  =)  Don’t feel bad though … we’ve all been there … well some have gone a little crazier than others but just the same …we’ve all been there!

Pinterest has been awesome for me … I’ve found dozens of recipes, about a dozen of which I’ve actually tried … I’ve been inspired to actually (instead of dreaming about it) design and make my own Arts & Crafts and Sewing room, I’ve completed numerous ‘projects’ because I’ve gotten the idea or inspiration from Pinterest and I’ve certainly taken advantage of the numerous ‘cleaning’, organization, storage, kitchen hints and decorating tips … whew … tons of stuff really … what did I do without it?  Seriously!  Honey if someone else can do it … I certainly can and so I’ve put my behind to work … baking, cooking, gluing, redecorating, hanging, painting, sewing, hammering and even pulling together some really cute outfits and dressing a little more chic … LOL, I may be showing my age using that word.

Well … on the other side of the coin, some just don’t get Pinterest and THAT, I cannot figure out why?  It’s like … don’t you ever cook, sew, decorate, hang a picture, dress yourself, get a new haircut, dream about your dream house, paint, exercise, find ways to eat healthy, use quotes, decorate for holidays, try to entertain a child, clean, use your iPhone, read a book, reminisce, bake a cake, repaint your walls, plan a party, travel???  Well it’s all there on Pinterest! 

Have fun with it people … but don’t let it get so overwhelming that your Boards are full with hundreds and hundreds of things that you will never ever have time to do … and certainly don’t let yourself get so drawn in that you have no idea what is even going on around you.  Limits!  I ‘try’ to be realistic about what I pin … ask myself “am I really gonna ever make this recipe” or “am I really gonna ever try to find this item or that item to ‘reuse’ and ‘repurpose’ “

Have fun Pinning!!!

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  1. Well...sadly....or can put me in the group of...."I just don't get it"..the attraction that is...I have tried and it just doesn't interest me. But SO many others I know just love it's just like anything else...depends on the people!