Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thai Diner, Cobb Parkway, Atlanta, GA

 Whether you live in Atlanta or visit here and you love Thai food, then this is an awesome restaurant to try!  I give it 5 stars as I have yet to have a bad experience there whether dining in or take out!!!

First off, Scott discovered this place through some co-workers years ago … dang, at least 10 … I can’t believe it’s been that long!!  He had never had Thai food before and was hooked!  He tried several others in the area but always went back to Thai Diner.

My oldest brother spent several years living and working in Thailand and once when he was visiting us, along with a Thai friend who was visiting the USA for the first time, we took them to the Thai dinner for a huge family dinner.  We all ordered something different and shared family style!!!  We were curious as to whether or not it was authentic Thai cuisine and our Thai friend assured us it was the real deal!!!  Course they don’t serve chicken feet like they do in Thailand but hey that’s fine by me LOL

Lunch entrees come with an order of the Tom Kha Gai,
Thailand's famous 'Creamy Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup'
Delicious (though a little rich)!
I was there again just a couple days ago and took a few photos of what I had to eat … just as yummy as it looks and I cannot go without having their Basil Rolls.  Thai Basil is very similar in taste to Italian Basil but still not quite the same but I’m certain if you love basil, you will love them too!

Basil Rolls (Steamed Shrimp, Basil Leaves, Rice Noodles, Carrots and Lettuce
wrapped in Fresh Rice Paper and served with a Tamarind Sauce)
Basil Roll up close ~ Its more about the Thai Basil flavor
than the other ingredients ... my absolute fav!!!
Pad Prik Beef ~ this time I got it Medium but it was
a little too hot and spicy but still delish!

A definite 'must try'!!!  Here's their website so you can check out their menu Thai Diner Vinings

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