Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Redo ~ Another Dresser

My oldest son and his wife found this piece at an estate sale for just $5 … yep … you read that right … just FIVE DOLLARS!!!  Ugly yes but look how a little sanding, painting, light distressing and new drawer pulls made it look like a hundred bucks!!!  It had that laminate look to it but it wasn’t … it was solid WOOD!!!

I went to their home to help my son prepare the baby’s room before their new baby came home and this was one of the things I did.

So here’s how I refinished the dresser:

Sanded it using both a palm sander and a detail sander.  A detail sander is small and gets into all the tiny spots.  I sanded until all the ‘shiny’ was gone (a big thanks here to their very good friend Lyndsay who helped me big time).  You want to get off all and any shine so the paint will adher properly … it’s not necessary to sand down to bare wood, even if you plan to stain a wooden piece … UNLESS you are going with a lighter stain, then I would suggest it. 

It actually looked kinda cool after sanding!

Next I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra which has primer built in … wonderful stuff!!  It took two coats to get the coverage I wanted.  Then I let it dry overnight.

Next day, I sanded off lightly everywhere wear and tear would occur … a light distressing. 

Lastly, we added drawer knobs to match the room’s theme (thanks again to Lyndsay).

Turned out pretty dang pretty … a long way from looking like a $5 piece!!!


  1. Great job Debbie, its something that will be used for years to come!
    Lisa Burt

  2. Thank you Lisa ...and thanks so much for supporting my blog!!! Means a lot to me GF!!!