Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cross Country Trip ~ Part Five


After spending the night in Grand Junction, Colorado, the last big city for quite some time after, at least until Provo, Utah, some 4 hours drive ...we headed west on I-70 to Utah Highway 191.

Cell phone pic ... Goodbye Colorado
Colorado became more desert-like as we left by way of Grand Junction but still beautiful, in a different way.  As we made our way into Utah, I noticed how much the vegetation changed ...Utah has the MOST wild lavender I've ever seen ... I can only imagine how beautiful it must be when its all in bloom!!!

Kinda obvious which pics are taken through car windows and which are first hand.
Just like travelling through the Rockies in Colorado, in Utah every twist in turn seemed to have a different type of mountain ... left us in awe at every crook and turn of the highway.
Interesting irragation ... for my friend, Anita.

We arrived at our son and his family's house just after lunchtime ... after stopping for lunch in Provo, Utah, where our lunch tab was picked up by a random stranger 'paying it forward'. 

Mountain range just 2 blocks from our son's home.
Yeah!  Time with our gbabies ... one of which, our gdaughter, we were meeting for the first time, at almost 6 months old.  Won't blog too much about our visit with them as that is personal.

Hiking the mountainside in Ogden, Utah for next post ...


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