Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cross Country Trip ~ Part Six


Since they are just 2 blocks, literally, from the base of the mountain range that runs along the eastern border of Ogden, Utah, Wasatch-Cache National Forest, we decided this day would be spent hiking up the trails ... headed to a beautiful waterfall hidden except to hikers. 

Dang if that altitude thing didn't make it impossible for me to make all of those 10-15% grades up to the waterfall (no dizziness or nausea, just felt like I couldn't breathe) ... I made it about 3/4 of the way and I just couldn't take any more.  Not wanting to stop hiking though, we instead decided to hike off in a different direction, less of those steep inclines but still high up onto the mountainside where we overlooked the cities of Ogden and Salt Lake City and could also see Salt Lake (the lake) in the distance ... it was beautiful and what an awesome hike!!!  

Sorry, I think I may have duplicated a couple shots in these collages ... oops!

We saw all kinds of beautiful wild flowers from, plentiful lavender to foxglove to all other kinds of plants and flowers, the names of which I don't know, but I love nature!!!  We took PLENTY (well almost, we really should have taken more) water and snacks cause I gotta tell ya ... its dry out there ... hubby and I constantly used our Carmex while out west!!!

Coming up for the next post ~ Antelope Island in the middle of Salt Lake (the lake, not the city lol)


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