Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cross Country Trip ~ Part Eight


After spending a couple more days with our son and his family, we set off to head back home with our first planned stop being Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, a Bucket List for my hubby ... I, on the other hand, had never had any desire to see the Grand Canyon, my reason???  Oh, its just a big ol hole in the ground, I've seen pictures, I've seen documentaries, etc etc etc ... I thought I had seen it ... BUT ya'll, I'm telling you, you ain't seen it unless you've actually SEEN it!!!  I am so glad I honored my hubby's Bucket List!  More about that later ...

We started out early afternoon headed south on I-15 and once we got out  of "metro" Salt Lake City, we cut over to Highway 89, a two lane highway.  There were very few cities, in fact, there were only small small towns between the Salt Lake City suburbs and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon ... most so small, I'm not sure you can call them a town but more of a community.  Pretty little towns/communities with Mom and Pop restaurants and hotels, a couple gas stations (maybe) and some even had a red light or two!!!!  Not much traffic either though so it was an enjoyable ride and oh what beautiful countryside!!!

We stopped in Mount Carmel, Utah for the night around 8 pm ... mainly because we had very little and sporatic cell/internet service and just happened to be hungry so we stopped at a Best Western with a Mom/Pop restaurant ... we figured it may be our best bet considering we had no idea IF the next little town/community would have a hotel (or a vacancy).  Plus ... we wanted to see the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas in the daylight!

NOTE: Important note here ... all these little towns/communities had pretty, clean and quaint little Mom and Pop hotels that I would have gladly spent the night in!!!!  Playing it by ear, this is where we ended up.

One of those Mom/Pop Hotels in the background ... we did not stay here though.
Soooooo ... we stopped for the night in Mount Carmel, a pretty little town and the Best Western was, I believe, THE only hotel in town and it just so happened it had a restaurant and we were both a little tired and hungry.

Thunderbird Restaurant "Home of the Ho Made Pies" was where we had supper since there was nothing for miles and miles ... it was pretty much our only choice.  It is a pretty cool looking place from the outside and is attached to the Best Western, which itself was kinda an old style hotel but clean and very well maintained.  But back to the restaurant.  We walked in and it was typical diner style atmosphere, nothing wrong with that ... menu was typical diner food and nothing wrong with that BUT their prices were ridculously HIGH ... they KNEW they could charge outrageous prices so they did.  $15 for a burger and fries, the burger being a frozen formed thin burger on a generic mass made bun with a piece of lettuce, tomato and onion on the side ... they did bring mustard and ketchup to the table ... AND the fries were frozen fries.  WE WERE NOT IMPRESSED!!!!  Fifteen bucks each ya'll ... our bill was over $30 with tax and tip as we had water (with lemon) to drink ... you'd think for that price we would have had gourmet burgers and home cut fries!!!!!!  So we didn't dare try their "Ho Made Pies".  I wouldn't recommend this place, BUT, like I said, choices were extremely limited in the middle of no freaking wheresville.

Next post, North Rim, Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon Highway ...


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