Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thyme New Potatoes

I call them ‘new potatoes’ cause that’s what my Mama and my Nanny always called them.   Why?  Because sometimes potatoes (red or white) are dug up when they are still very young … hence the word ‘new’.  I tend to favor the small red potatoes.  Here’s one of my favorite whys to serve them.
Steam (don’t boil) the Potatoes until you can stick a fork in them.  While they are steaming, cut some fresh Thyme and de-stem the leaves.  It won’t harm you if you don’t get all of the stems off … the stems are just tougher than the leaves. It’s all edible!  Place the Thyme leaves in a small condiment bowl, add Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper and 3-4 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Let sit while New Potatoes finish steaming.  After Potatoes are done, cut them into bite-size pieces (unless they are already that small) then pour in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixture and toss gently with a wooden spoon so as not to tear up the Potatoes.  Serve immediately!  
So easy and so flavorful!

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