Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nail Polish Hint

A trick I learned on Pinterest to dry and set your nail polish fast ... AND it really really works!  I used two coats of polish  (my favorite brand is OPI) followed by a top coat (as usual) and then dipped my fingers into Ice Water for about 20 seconds ... I did it twice per hand just to be sure and sure enough ... it was dry!  Plus that little tad of polish that gets stuck around the edges of your nails on your skin ... gone!    AND get this ... it lasted for over 2 weeks!!!  I'm not kidding.  Normally without doing this my polish will last close to 2 weeks before it starts chipping.  BUT after doing this it lasted over 2 weeks and without chipping ... the manicure only started looking bad because of nail growth!!!  Seriously!

Edit: I should have emphasized that I use 2 thin coats of polish letting them set for a minute in between and then apply the top coat BUT the ICE WATER trick does work ... fabulously!!!

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