Monday, April 29, 2013

Crazy Lupus/MS #1

I’ve decided to do a series on my Lupus/MS symptoms and crazy happenings.  Things that I personally experience … maybe it will help some to understand what people with autoimmune diseases go through.  It never makes sense, not even to the doctors.

Imagine this … you’re in a hotel in a strange town ALONE and your husband has gone to do what he does when he visits his stores (in other words he’s working) and you have no idea where this store is, not even the address but you can get in touch with him if necessary.  You wake up feeling good, normal, get showered, dressed, hair blow dried and fixed, make up on … you feel fine but need a little boost so you go downstairs to the lobby for a cup of coffee.  Just so ya’ll know … I do not drink coffee on a regular basis.  Anyway, you’re pouring your coffee and all of a sudden you feel funny … odd.  Your tummy feels queasy and you start breaking out into a cold sweat.  You can’t think straight and then you feel like you need to sit down NOW!  You carry your coffee and its fixins over to the nearest table and chairs, sit down and try to finish making it but you’re now sweating a cold sweat bigtime and its starting to run down your neck and back.  You’re thinking “I’m gonna pass out or throw up”.   You sit there thinking “okay, I’ll feel better if I just sit here and relax” but NO it gets worse.  You really think you’re going to pass out right there in the lobby of this strange hotel in this strange city or throw up … maybe even both.  Your hands are shaking and your head is swimming.  You start to pray “please Lord don’t let me pass out or throw up, not here, not alone”.  You get up on wobbly legs and somehow make it to the elevators … leaving the coffee behind and barely managing to hold onto your purse.  All the while praying now that you can get back to your room without passing out in the lobby or on the elevator “Lord please just let me make it to my room”.  Somehow you manage to push the right buttons on the elevator because your head is swimming so badly you cannot even think straight and you’re still praying “Lord please help me”.  On the elevator ride up 3 flights your heaving and trying to breathe through it and not throw up or pass out … “breathe Debbie just breathe”.  You manage to get through your hotel room door and into the bathroom when your cell phone (which is in your purse) starts ringing … I knew I needed to answer it because I know its Scott calling to see if I’m ready … he’s done and on his way back.  I can’t answer it cause I’m throwing up and heaving like crazy into the toilet that thank the Lord I made it to.  I had had nothing to eat yet and only water in my system so you can imagine I wasn’t throwing up much of anything.  Finally … you manage to make it to the bed to lie down and Scott arrives.  He knows right away I’m having one of those episodes.  10 minutes later … I’m absolutely fine.  As fine as rain and sunshine …like it never happened.  This, my friends, is one of those crazy episodes I get that come outta nowhere … no rhyme or reason and usually at the most inopportune times.  This one was one of the scariest cause I was ALONE and out of my comfort zone (home).  Thank you Lord that I didn’t pass out anywhere in that hotel … ALONE.

This happens to me often … totally out of my control … while out to dinner, just when Scott gets dinner on the table, just as I/we are headed out the door to go somewhere, out shopping … many places and always always for no reason whatsoever!!!

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