Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quinoa with Chicken and Fresh Avocado and Tomato

You can't really see the Quinoa in this close up but I've posted another photo below.

I was visiting my first born and his wife this past weekend and Kay made this one night for supper ... so delicious!  Everything she has ever cooked has been delicious and most of the time healthy too!    Anyway, its relatively easy and quick and so perfect for those hot summer nights!  There's really no recipe but you can't mess this up!  And I looooove Quinoa!!!

Quinoa with Chicken and Fresh Tomato and Avocado

Cooked Chicken, cut up (I precooked mine with Pesto but you could use Rotisserie Chicken if you'd like) 
Fresh Tomato, chopped
Fresh Avocado, chopped
Crumbled Feta (now I added this to this dish cause I looooove Feta on just about anything)

Cook your Quinoa as directed.  I had never actually cooked it myself before and was a little worried because I heard it was hard to cook.  NOT!  I cooked it as directed on the package (Organic Quinoa) and it turned out PERFECT!!!

Place cooked Quinoa in a bowl and add your chopped up (precooked) Chicken, chopped fresh Tomato, chopped fresh Avocado and sprinkle with Feta, Sea Salt and Pepper (if desired).  I personally add Sea Salt to almost all my fresh veggies: (1) its not horrible for you like table salt and (2) it brings out the flavor and sweetness in fresh veggies and a little goes a looooong ways!!!  Believe me this is one healthy and delicious meal!!!

Here's what Cooked Quinoa looks like up close for those that do not know.

*Now for a little facts about Quinoa:

courtesy of
For those of you who may have never had Quinoa ... it is very similar to rice or pasta but completely different in taste ... it has a taste all its own.  Whereas with Rice or Pasta, I like to add Salt, Pepper and Butter and/or EVOO ... with Quinoa, you don't really need anything, to me, I could eat it plain (but cooked, of course lol).

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