Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hyman's Seafood, Charleston, SC

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Scott and I ate a late lunch early dinner here and chose this place because we found a coupon for a free appetizer in the lobby of our hotel AND it helped that it was only a few blocks down the road cause we were hunnnnngry and it was way past lunch time and all I had had was a granola bar (a healthy one, of course).

We got lucky since it was an unusual time of day and pretty much got seated right away (normally there is a line and a wait as we witnessed on several passes by the restaurant during the couple days after).  It was a kinda cool place with tons and tons of black and white photos of stars, celebrities, and the like all over every square inch of every wall … literally!  In fact, each seat at each table contained a brass label noting who ate in that exact spot … mine was Judge Wapner and Scott’s wasn’t legible any longer since it had been there so long.  The chairs and table were not comfortable … especially for Scott with his sciatic nerve acting up.  They were solid wooden ‘school’ type chairs, no cushioning … yikes!!!

First off we ordered drinks … well a pitcher was more like it LOL … their own recipe for Bloody Mary’s and boy were they wonderful … I’d definitely recommend trying them … very very good!  Heck I drove the whole way … a little over 6 hours (with rest stops every couple hours included) so I deserved a drink or two to chill and these were some great Bloody Mary’s.

While we were sipping on our drinks the waitress brought us their complimentary appetizer … Boiled Peanuts … yummm … nothing says ‘Southern’ like some Boiled Peanuts!  Our free appetizer came next … Crab Dip (more like a spread) served with Captain’s Wavers (in the package) but it was pretty good … not sure I’d order and get charged for it though.

Scott and I ordered the ‘Pick Six’ (I think that’s what it was called) for two cause we both just loooooove seafood.  Ours included: Shrimp and Grits, Buffalo Oysters, Old Bay Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Fried Catfish and Fried Scallops with sides of Hush Puppies, Mac n Cheese and Greens.

Look at all that food and this photo doesn't show the appetizers!!!
There was so much food on our table for 4 that there really wouldn’t have been room for 2 more people at our table!!!!  No way!!!

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and Grits: Definitely not the best I’ve ever had … very few shrimp and though the grits were creamy … there wasn’t much flavor (thank goodness I had had them add cheese and bacon, which are an extra charge by the way).  This is not a dish that I would order again if I was to return.  But wait … it does get better!

Buffalo Oysters ... yummmm
Buffalo Oysters: These were very very lightly battered and barely fried Oysters smothered in Buffalo Sauce and they were soooooo good!  When I say ‘barely fried’ … they were in between eating raw oysters (which I do not do) and fried oysters.  But these were very good and I’d definitely order them again and recommend them!!!

Old Bay Shrimp: These were amazing!  Scott makes steamed shrimp quite often and sprinkles them heavily with Old Bay Seasoning beforehand BUT when he cooks them the flavor of the Old Bay is just on the outside of the shrimp meat and mostly on the shell … these … OMG the flavor of the Old Bay was completely through the meat of the shrimp … in other words the shrimp were totally engulfed in Old Bay seasoning … oh so very very yummy!  I’d definitely have these again and recommend them!

Crab Cakes:  They were good and not loaded with breading so there was a lot of meat … not sure if I’d order them as my main entrée but would have them in addition to something else for sure.

Fried Catfish:  Cooked to perfection, lightly breaded and fried!  Didn’t taste fresh though but they were good if you’re in the mood for Catfish.  And since I hadn’t had anything fried in quite some time, I was pleased that they weren’t overly breaded or greasy … at all!  NOTE: I rarely do fried food any more but will occasionally make an exception … special treat sorta thing!

Fried Scallops:  I usually like mine sautéed or broiled but for some reason we had to have them cooked the same way as the Catfish and I only like Catfish fried … it’s a Southern Thang!  They were good, again very lightly breaded so you tasted the Scallops and not the breading.

Hush Puppies:  These were great and I’m picky bout my Hush Puppies.  Not near as good as my Mama’s were but yep definitely great!!!

Mac n Cheese:  Oh dang!  It was almost … almost … as good as mine, really!!!  I’d definitely recommend this as a side!

Greens:  Nope … they were NOT good at all.  I took one bite and that was it … in fact when we couldn’t eat everything and packed up a to-go box we intentionally left the Greens OUT!  Nope not good!

Would we go back?  Probably, especially if there wasn’t another Seafood place to try but there are … there are plenty more to try.  But I would definitely recommend this place.  Not outstanding but very good!

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  1. Great run-down of the flavor of this place. I agree completely with almost everything you said about it.
    We had a horrible server, so our experience was lack-luster. The food wasn't the best, and I had better fried oysters at The Pirate's House in Savannah. I am a big fan of Hyman's, but this time I was completely disappointed. Not sure if I will go back.