Sunday, June 23, 2013

Firefly ~ Panama City Beach, Florida

I was at the beach recently for a day and a half … oh I wish it had of been for longer but it was enough to get my beach fix!  We ate out on Friday night (June 14) at Firefly.  I had already heard about it being a great restaurant so expectations were high … I was NOT disappointed!!!  They are only open for dinner by the way.

First off, while waiting to be seated with our relatively large group, my two nieces and I decided to do Birthday Cake shots at the bar … my treat!  They had been hearing all about mine and their Mama’s recent adventure drinking these and wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  The bartender admitted right away that he hadn’t made them in a while and turns out … the ones he made tasted more like Lemon Drop Martini Shots but they were very good!  Come to find out … I Googled it … and there are multiple recipes for Birthday Cake Shots and some sound like Lemon Drop Martini Shots to me.  Anyway … the shots my sister and I had (courtesy of my darling young daughter lol) in Biloxi, MS really really really tasted like a bite of Birthday Cake.  Seriously!

Once seated I decided to try an interesting sounding drink since I’ve been hearing a lot about Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey … actually I bought one of the tiny bottles to try it and hadn’t yet.  Anyway … I ordered the “Fireball” cocktail and man was it good … so good I had two LOL.  Yep … this has become another favorite cocktail of mine … loved loved loved it!  Remember the Fireball jawbreaker candies when you were little?  Well … that’s what it tastes like!  Yummmmmy! 

I ordered (and so did 5 others) the appetizer She Crap Soup and man … it was amazing!!!  It’s served with a puffed pastry and a fresh drizzle (tableside) of Cream Sherry.  And it wasn’t appetizer size either!!!  Oh no!  It’s a full sized bowl of soup.  I would definitely have this again … oh wow just thinking of it makes my mouth drool!  It was delicious!!!!!!
She Crab Soup
NOTE: Pic does not do this dish justice ... believe me, it is AMAZING!!!
My main dish was the Shrimp wrapped in Applewood Bacon on Cheese Grits and Gravy.  The shrimp were huge but sadly a little overdone and though the grits were creamy and smooth … the gravy was not at all tasty.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t something I’d recommend or order again.  (Sorry ... I didn't take a picture.)

I’d definitely eat here again … if only for the She Crab Soup … seriously though … I’d give another dish a try … this place is awesome … awesome décor and atmosphere and many delicious sounding dishes to try.  My nieces ordered from their Sushi Bar Menu and loooved the Sushi they ordered … ate them all, I believe!  Another at our table ordered the Crab Cakes and they looked very very good … mostly meat and very little breading.  Someone else ordered the Filet Medallions and said they were very good.  And then another had the Shrimp and Crab Newburg … looked yummy and he ate every last bite LOL ... even after promising someone else at our table a taste ... ooops!!!    
Library Lounge where we waited to be seated ... iPhone pic
does not do this room justice at all ... it was beautifully done!!!

This place is on my A list … it’s a MUST TRY if you’ve never been.  Check out their menu at Firefly's Website  Some of these dishes I mentioned are from the “Early Bird” Menu so be sure to check it out as well.

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