Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pollo Tropical, West Cobb County, GA

This is a new Caribbean themed restaurant for us in West Cobb County Georgia, located on Barrett Parkway, but I have eaten at one in Orlando numerous times with Anthony and Kay.  Kay always gives me a hard time because I pronounce the name like an American LOL … its Spanish people!  Just so you know LOL  My sister and I ate here the other day so since its new I thought I’d blog about it for those who’ve never eaten at one.

Pollo Tropical is a healthier fast food restaurant which has been around since 1988 but mostly in Florida.  So what makes them a healthier fast food restaurant?  The Chicken is hormone free, steroid free and never frozen plus their menus offer a variety of ‘Vegetarian’ dishes.  It’s not your typical ‘fast food’ place either, though it appears to be when you walk in the door.  Again, what makes it different?  One, your food is brought out to your table (after you order at the counter like you would in a fast food restaurant), two, they use real utensils (at least at our new one here in Cobb County they did) and lastly, best of all, they clean up after you … but there is no tipping allowed … its just part of their service.  Atmosphere, though Caribbean in nature, is still a typical ‘fast food’ sorta feel but the food?  Delicious!!!  I haven’t had anything YET that I did not like … I even love their chicken on the bone if Scott pulls the meat off for me LOL

The other day at lunch with my sister, I tried their Tropichop, which is custom made to order with selections you choose.  Jackie had a Vegeterian one and I had a Chicken based Tropichop with Yellow Rice with Veggies, Black Beans, Tomatoes and Sautéed Onions and Peppers then I added my very very very favorite sauce, which is at a self serve counter with all their other delicious sauces, on top (Cilantro Garlic).  OMG this sauce is so good I could almost drink it … but I don’t LOL … it is THAT good though!!!

I’m not normally a fast food person, having given up fast food and junk food many years ago … but this place is definitely one of my exceptions and ONLY because it is healthy fast food … I’m just careful not to overindulge.

Check out their menu at: Pollo Tropical Menu

Bottom line ~ I love this place and I’m sure you’ll love it too!  Healthy is always a good thang!!!

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