Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub & Seafood Restaurant, (Downtown) Charleston, SC

We stopped in this place and sat outside to enjoy a couple drinks on our last evening in Charleston.  We didn’t eat anything so I have no idea what the food is like.  I loved the drink I ordered so much I just had to blog about it … my new favorite drink!

Atmosphere (inside) was very Irish pub’ish … dark wood walls and floor and all … pretty place!  However, we sat outside cause the weather (again) was very nice and we just wanted to chill and have a couple drinks.

Scott had water since he was the DD … Kay and Anthony had girly drinks LOL but me … oh I had the Dark and Stormy!!!

I assumed (and you know what they say about doing that) that the drink was an Irish creation but I have since Googled it and found that it actually originates from the Caribbean Islands … hmmmm makes sense since it’s a Rum based cocktail.

I loved it and though the name hints that its taste may be ‘dark and stormy’ it doesn’t have a strong taste AT ALL!  I’m pretty sure the name comes from the fact that its made with DARK Rum … It’s definitely my new favorite drink and I think its name kinda suits me (at times, anyway LOL).

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