Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Window Cleaning

I have lots of windows in my house … lots of ‘em … from windows with sidelights to doors with full panes of glass also with sidelights to picture windows to transoms so needless to say, I have a lot of windows to keep clean.  Recently I started using plain White Vinegar (Full Strength) in an empty prior glass cleaner bottle and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago … many dollars spent on glass cleaner ago!!!  My glass cleaner, which I must say is a very big brand name, just hasn’t been getting them sparkling ~ no streak free clean for quite some time (probably years but I continued to use it because hey it’s a glass cleaner, right?) … even cleaning over and over again sometimes even 3 times during same cleaning … leaves streaks big time and also leaves paper towel fuzzies.  So frustrating!!!  Oh I’ve tried using newspaper with the glass cleaner as supposedly it gets windows and mirrors streak free but even using that didn’t help.

This is just 'some' of my transoms!
And just ONE of my picture windows
So one day recently out of major frustration because certain windows/doors must be cleaned frequently since my doggies love to stick their wet noses to them … I thought hmmmm I’m gonna try White Vinegar, which was already in a spray bottle because I use it for other things as well.  Well low and behold … first wipe down left NO streaks and NO paper towel fuzzies … so sparkling clean it seemed as if there was no glass!!!  Seriously!!!

I’ve since even started using it on all our mirrors because same problem … clean and clean again and still would have streaks, fogginess and paper towel fuzzies with the glass cleaner. 

Last spring I even used the ‘new’ outdoor window cleaner made by the same brand glass cleaner to no avail … looked like I hadn’t even touched them.  I was sooooo very disappointed!  And it’s hard work climbing up and down those ladders!!!  This year I’m going to use the White Vinegar on the outside windows as well!  Just waiting for the weather to warm up! 

And best thing about using White Vinegar?  Well two best things ~ (1) You only have to wipe down ONCE and (2) Its a heck of a lot cheaper!!!

P.S. White Vinegar as with most vinegar is non-toxic and a natural deodorizer so no need to worry about smell as it dissipates pretty quickly.


  1. This is great to know....Barry Lynn loves to pour out cleaners, only because they are liquid. So not only have you given me a great new way to clean windows I can safely know that IF he gets a hold of this I don't have to worry about the effects it will have on him as he sometimes drinks/slides and always pours into his pool! :)

  2. Amber ~ yes White Vinegar is definitely non-toxic but it could give him a little tummy ache if he drinks too much ... hopefully he won't because smell is not appealing.

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